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How we do.

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Summer is cupcakes with sprinkles, rainbows and unicorns, glitter and sequins. It’s sleeping in and lounging around. We play hard and soak up every second we have with that big golden ball in the sky. We rock out to oldies, eat fruit by the gallons, and drink iced coffee like it’s going out of style! The slow cooker comes out, the BBQ gets uncovered, and the pool gets filled to the brim! Summer is friends, family, love, laughter, outdoors, suntans, the smell of coconut sunscreen, the taste of ripe watermelon, stars in the sky, amazing sunsets, painted toenails, blonde highlights, naps on the lawn chairs, tank tops, sun dresses, walks in the evening, fans blowing, popsicles for days, are you seeing my vision!?

When I was little a few Summer memories stand out above the rest. I remember long sprinklers in the yard, slip-n-slides, wearing my cousins swimsuits, playing outside ALL day, my three wheeler and lots and lots of freckles. All I remember are wonderful and happy thoughts. I love watching my girls make Summer memories. I love traditions. My dream is to start camping again. That’s all we did when I was little and it was some of the best times I remember as a kid. I know my girls would love growing up with those memories as well.

Today we have soaked in every ounce of Summer and I’m so thankful I have two of the most beautiful, sweet, and amazing little girls to share it with!



I think the Thomas girls would look perfectly fabulous camping in this… don’t you?




Cohen is determined to get her second front tooth out! She’s going to be eating baby food again if she keeps losing those baby teeth!IMG_4783


I’m pretty proud of those veggie plants! They were tiny and now they are literally taller than me… ok I know that doesn’t impress you but when a tomato plant towers over you, you feel like a pretty amazeballs gardener. IMG_4795

IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4804

Twinkles lights ery’ where!



My little cherry addict. Let’s just say she stays very regular….



Oh yeah, and that gorgeous hazel eye’d baby girl turns 4 tomorrow! *insert hysterically crying mom here*

My loves are growing up!

Happy Summer!


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