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Written on 12/19/2011

I think one of the hardest things as a believer in Jesus is to “wait” on Him. There are so many verses urging us to wait, trust, hope, pray, etc. I believe God is faithful. I believe He will answer. I believe He will follow through for me but, there is still the unknown. I don’t know when He will answer. I don’t know how He will answer. All I know is I am living another day with a purpose and I can trust Jesus will care for me in the midst of any storm. I know I am precious to Him. I know He loves me far beyond anything else. I know He cares for me and wants nothing more than the best for me. I know He adores me and He knows my heart deeper than the deepest ocean. He sees the good in me. He wants to take care of me. He wants me to trust in Him and nothing else.

Thank you, Jesus for the love I can only experience through you.



Some inspiration.

Written on 12/17/2011

I designed these little posters in Photoshop today. Sometimes I just enjoy a simple inspiring quote…. We all need the reminders here and there!

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Written on 12/15/2011

It’s Thursday, in case you’re anything like me and regularly go through an entire day thinking it’s a totally different day. Mom brain.

Anyway. Monday night my girls were sick as dogs. Cohen must have set some new record for how far and how much projectile vomit she could disperse throughout my living room. Can I just say… cleaning up puke is….. well. It’s bad. And smelly. And downright rotton. I swear I can smell it everywhere. This is why I have gone through cans of Lysol and Fabreeze. I’m actually ready to call some moving trucks and just start fresh in a new house. I’m pretty notorious for throwing stuff away as soon as it’s encountered puke. Co threw up in her carseat once and welp, it had a nice journey to the dump after that. I’ve gone through a lot of towels and sheets. I just can’t stand the thought of washing articles that have been saturated in stomach acid and regurgitated dinner. My house, however not so easy to throw that away, so until then it’s lots of cleaning supplies, candles and prayer.

On another note, we had a nice full healthy day Tuesday and Wednesday. Then last night Isla decides to join the party AGAIN and puke ALL over herself, her bed, her blanket. Poor baby. It’s honestly heartbreaking. Cohen didn’t puke much until she started school, and because of that I think she brings those nasty bugs home to poor Isla. Isla had some medical issues from throwing up. She was on some antacids because of some esophageal damage from violently vomiting. I’m worried this might have occurred again. So after a night with Isla snuggled up in our bed, she woke up normal. I’m praying she’s done being sick!

This morning was a “3 shots of espresso and a splash of non fat milk” kinda morning. I seriously got maybe 3-4 hours of very interrupted sleep. So, to wake up to our Nespresso machine has never made me happier! The glow of our Christmas lights gave my heart a little joy, the 30 seconds of silence my girls gave me while watching “Big Big friend” gave me another little boost of joy, then the requests started pouring in. “Im hungry! I want milk. I want a cookie. I want crackers. I want oatmeal.”

“Ok so I will make oatmeal in just 2 seconds.”

“MOM! It’s been 2 seconds!”

“Ok, in one minute.”

Insert Cohen’s “mad” look here.

So it’s nearly 11am and Co has ballet soon. And I have some serious puke smell to wash out of Isla’s hair. Wish me luck.


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It’s a Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Written on 12/12/2011

I’m very excited about this giveaway! I’ve included a few fun items this time around. And, each item has been handmade by me for you!

For starters you have a delicious 8oz soy candle. It’s a yummy warm vanilla scent. I think everyone loves vanilla, no? Next up we have a very cute little zipper pouch ready for all your favorite lip glosses, your cell phone, your gifts cards, your headphones, debit card, change, candy that you want to hide from your kids, you name it! Third we have a sweet felt flower pin. It’s a lovely rust color that will pretty much match with anything. Pin it to your hat, pin it to your scarf, pin it to your shirt, your dress, the front of your belt, poke your husband with it from time to time for a good laugh. It’s a very fun little accessory! Last but not least a fun little headband/ear warmer for this very crisp cold winter we’re having! Notice Isla is wearing this and it looks very cute on her, but it looks VERY cute on adults as well. So, if you’re a Momma with a “mini me” you can share!

Anyhoot. To enter this giveaway I am asking that you leave a comment very briefly stating your favorite thing about Christmastime. It doesn’t need to be fancy or 5 pages long. Just short and sweet. For additional entries you can share on Facebook, Tweet about the giveaway and share a link to my blog (don’t forget to inclue me @keshathomas in the tweet).And lastly you can blog about the giveaway and include a link to the giveaway. I will add up each and every entry for each person and in ONE WEEK I will choose a lucky winner!

I want to say “Thanks” to all my readers. I appreciate the time you take out of your lives to read my blog and share your thoughts and leave your comments. It’s always such a pleasure.




DIY Gifts #3 Sugar Scrub!

Written on 12/10/2011

This is one of my favorites. I’m going to TRY to make a few of these for the special ladies in my life. Heck. Make them for the men in your life too! Lord knows they could use some exfoliation :-) And no one has to know.

If you’ve never indulged in a body scrub, then you are truly missing out. I’m addicted to this stuff. And now that I have a fun recipe I will probably end up making a huge batch for myself! I chose Sugar because it’s not as harsh as salt scrubs although you can use a fine salt instead of sugar if you wish.

Another suggestion, use organic oils. DO NOT use vegetable oil. Choose an oil that is healthy and beneficial to your skin and health. If you aren’t sure what kind, go to your nearest health food store such as Whole Foods or in the Salem area I suggest Life Source. They will have someone who knows. Trader Joe’s, probably not so much. As far as scents, I suggest essential oils.

Anyway, enough blabbing! Go get your scrub making on, you scrub!

Also, you don’t have to go to this extent as far as decorating your jars. You can make your jars cute with a simple ribbon tied around it. So don’t panic if you think you need to make yours look exactly like these :-)

Here’s the link! Enjoy!

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DIY Candles! PERFECT gifts.

Written on 12/09/2011

So here is my DIY Christmas gifts #2.

I actually did this! I purchased a candle making kit off e-bay and made about 20 delicious soy candles from scratch! It was a delightful process and who wouldn’t want a scrumptious candle during this crisp cold time of year?

Here’s the blog with all the info you’ll need! I made 20 8oz candles for around $60. Pretty good if you ask me!



Gift Ideas #1!

Written on 12/08/2011

So, I’ve decided to share some the amazing DYI gift ideas I have encountered for Christmas this year. Pinterest is just about the best darn thing that’s ever happened to me (apart from Jesus of course) but seriously. Thank You, Pinterest! (and Jesus!)

I came across this great post from Pinterest and The 36th Avenue. I have more I will share in the next few days and I’m even thinking about doing a Christmas GIVEAWAY! Yes. You read me. GIVEAWAY! This will be a good one so make sure you sunscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out!


Stay tuned and enjoy this cute little idea from this very cute blog! Click on the image below.


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Written on 12/07/2011

I don’t regret my last post. I like to vent and I like to share my ups and downs with my readers. I think it’s necessary to relate with one another.  however I also think it’s important to share the ways God redeems my heart when I’m feeling down in the pits. He knows. He wants to make my day better. He is in fact my Father and His desire is to scoop me into His arms and show me how loved I am. He doesn’t want me to try and “fix” myself. He doesn’t expect me to “pull myself up by my bootstraps”. He wants me to surrender to His grace.

My precious Grandma left a comment on my blog that had me thinking. She’s good at doing that considering how wise she is! I always take her words to heart.

“So sorry that you feel so depressed my darling grand daughter. I will let you in on a little secret–it wont last forever- I know that feeling of wanting everything in the house to stay neat & orderly–“all the time”!! It dose not happen when there are small children, I felt so sad when I read how depressed you were. Then I had to laugh when you wrote about the girls marching down the stairs with their back-pack full to empty. So many Mothers experience this , and always have. You are Blessed- anew home-an attentive, good husband that loves you.You do have so much that others dont have-Gods blessed you with so much. Think of that, & think positive & thankful. Just kick the “EVILS” in the butt & tell them – “Stay out of my head!” I belong to Jesus, & there is no room for you ! I am so proud of you & your family. God has been so good to you! I thank him every day for how he has blessed my family (grand-children). You all have did so well. You are so precious to me–I will pray that those dark depressing thoughts are overcome with Gods help. I love you, you are so talented, remember that is a gift. GMA”

Wow. Do you have tears in your eyes, too? I’m so stinking blessed. Not only by those things in which my Grandma mentions but just by her love alone. She is such a treasure to me and I truly can’t thank God enough for her in my life. She’s been there since the day I was born. She’s seen me through every footstep in my life. She’s encouraged me, helped me, loved me beyond anyone else, accepted me, shown me so much wisdom, and she’s still here supporting me as I raise my kids and care for my own family.

Thank you for reminding me of all I have to be happy for, Grandma! You’re a true reflection of Jesus.



How lucky am I? Look at my precious family!

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I’m blaming the two cups of coffee….

Written on 12/05/2011

On an empty stomach, the huge pile of dishes, the bottles of beverages, boxes of snacks and “stuff” consuming my kitchen counters, the toys everywhere, the messy closets, the cluttered bedrooms, the dusty bathrooms, the piling laundry, the plates and dishes spread throughout my home, the lack of organization and the fact that I simply can’t conquer this on my own…… for my anxious heart today. I see sunshine. I have everything I could ever need, I have two delightful amazing sweet daughters who do nothing but assure me they love me, but somehow I’m defeated today. I feel like a black speck being consumed by the “abyss” I call my house. You’d think I would just “get the heck outta here” and that is usually my plan but when I leave my messy house to go drive around in a messy car, then to haul two kids around and want to spend money I know I shouldn’t, then come back home to a messy house it just all seems like too much. I know, there’s the park, there’s the Library (aka Hell)  there are places to take my kids that don’t cost money and I can sit there, alone and watch them play while I think and stress about the mess waiting for me at home, but I just want to give up today. And as my girls walk down the stairs with their backpacks filled to the brim with toys to dump all over my living room, and new outfits on (their old ones have been thrown somewhere in our house) I just confirms my desire to sit and wallow in my self pitty.

And now they’ve pulled out the kiddie tent. Yep. That’s the straw they broke this camels back.





Tis the Season….

Written on 12/04/2011









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