Written on 02/08/2012

We have extra special Wednesdays in the Thomas house. We get to have Madi over for a few hours to hang out! She’s pretty amazing with the girls and they can’t run to the door fast enough when she gets here! I decided since I have about 1/1,000,000 of the patience she does I would set her and the girls up to make some fun Valentine’s Day cards. She was calm, normal and having fun… meanwhile I was pulling my hair out watching Cohen write an “e” backwards and witnessing Isla dumping glitter on every inch of our kitchen table. Bahhhhhhh!!!!!!! *keep calm and carry on, keep calm and c.a.r.ry on…..

Today is a gloomy, rainy day in Salem but that wont stop us from having a little fun even if that means I will have red glitter in and on every square inch of my house. And probably coming out my nose and ears for a while too.

Oh well. Here’s to being a super-cool-laid-back-care-free-mom.

Ima go breath deeply into a paper bag……



Martha Stewart glitter makes me want to frolic and giggle.

And then we took a lunch break for some Chicken nuggets and french fries.

I’m so thankful to have people in our lives that I can trust with my girls. It’s a huge help and blessing to me. Love ya, Madi!




Um, it’s pretty much flooding.

Written on 01/19/2012

So yeah. If you already live in the Willamette Valley chances are you’ve noticed the little bit of rain we’ve had. About 4 inches or so in the past 24 hours. Our town is flooding. Literally. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Salem. Ror reals. (I left that typo because I thought is was seriously funny).

So I wont bore you with all my lavish complaints about the weather. If you know me, or read my blog enough you will know the relationship I have with rain. Not exactly a courtship.

Any way…. I wanted to share some fun craft ideas I think I want to try for Valentines Day. I dont hate this Holiday. It’s fun, cute, harmless, and another reason to eat bad.

This is just adorable. Here is where the tutorial is…

Next time you’re at Walmart or Lowes or whatever grab a bunch of paint samples and get working!

This is just scrumptious to me. I love making wreaths! They are very easy and you only need a few things to make one. JoAnn’s has everything you need. Here’s the tutorial for this…

Mmmmkay. You couldn’t pay me to make this thing but how cute is it? If you have an ounce of patience in you Go for it and make one for me too, k?

Here’s how to make it, and I will send you my address with you are ready to make one for me.

These are cute and simple! It takes very basic sewing skills too! Just buy some cute blank cards, Or cut and fold some paper. Cut out some little paper hearts and sew them to the paper. Easy peasy!

Have fun!


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We’ve converted

Written on 01/17/2012

Today is getting much brighter. I woke up to REAL snow, about 1.5 inches at least. The girls bundled up and played for a bit while I enjoyed a doughnut and some news. I was hoping for the Today Show but apparently Salem considers 1.5 inches of snow a “Winter Storm” that needs to be broadcasted on every channel. Ok. That’s fine. I will take any adult TV show over OPB any day. So that was all good. THEN I hear a little knock knock at my door. It was my beautiful friend Jillian handing me a fresh hot Starbucks! That was the whip cream on my sundae. The Cherry was about an hour later when she came knocking with a fresh hot PIZZA from Paddington’s! Wow. Lucky me! Ok so I really can’t complain this morning :-)

So last night we finally made the switcheroo from crib to a bed for Isla. She was beyond happy to have a big bed to jump on. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.


I’ll be having fun re-creating her room now. I’ve been drooling over Pinterest the past 24 hours stuffing my brain with ideas! Pinterest is kinda the death of me. In a good way.

So here are the girls, hugging and kissing their crib goodbye. It was good to us!

Cohen wanted to snuggle with Isla and help her get used to her new bed last night. This kinda makes my heart explode into a grillion pieces.

Snow this morning! So lovely.

Straight outside to play!

The hat and 3 sweaters under her coat was a little too much…

She’s loving her room.

umm, yum!


Grump fest.

Written on 01/16/2012

I am a major, major grump monster today. Scratch that. These past few days. I’m about to crawl out of my skin. I’m about to book a one way ticket to a tropical island. I’m about to throw, very violently, everything that looks unorganized in my house out of my upstairs window (just for dramatic effect). The sound of my girls fighting (which is currently what I am being serenaded to) is about 1 billion grazillion times worse than squeaky styrofoam and sharp pointy nails on a chalk board combined, and blasted through a blow horn right into my ears.

My back hurts today. My bladder hurts today (Yes. My bladder). My laundry is overflowing, Cohen’s room wont stay clean. EVER. I just dropped over $300 bucks at Costco and I can’t find anything to EAT. (WTF?) This “snow” on the ground just pisses me right off and well yeah.

Grump. Fest. Up. In. HERE.




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Mad about you….

Written on 01/12/2012

I am utterly, madly, desperately, deeply, wholly, in love with these little girls.

They’re perfect for me.


They make me a much, much better person.

And we have this incredible, handsome, smart, thoughtful, godly, funny, talented, amazing guy to take care of us.

We’re lucky ladies!


Just goin’ with it.

Written on 01/04/2012

Life has been crazy. I go through these seasons where I just have to sit back and breath while life zips past me. This “season” is different. It’s good. God is working a ton in my life, my marriage, Vin’s life. I’m VERY excited for the new year. I am one of those dumbies who loves having a symbolic fresh start to a new and improved year of life.

The Holidays were nuts. I am VERY glad Christmas is over. I was beginning to get nauseous at the site of my Christmas tree. It’s all put away for next year. I’m holding onto a good 10+ pounds from the whole “holiday season” and welp, I just devoured 5 freshly baked chocolate cookies with toffee chunks AND I texted Vin to pick me up a cold cut trio from Subway WITH extra southwest sauce. Think I care? No. I don’t, and It doesn’t help when my husband likes the extra junk in my trunk. I don’t like not fitting into my jeans. That’s the ONE motivation I have to lose a few pounds. But as long as leggings stay in style my jeans can enjoy their little vacation :-)

So here I sit. About to grab another cookie and sip a glass of cold milk…..

Mmmmmmmkay. I’m outta control.




God is faithful.

Written on 01/02/2012

Last night my husband held me in his arms and he told me all these beautiful things he thought about me. They had nothing to do with my looks. He’s very good about affirming me of how beautiful he thinks I am physically, but this was something different. Something I needed. A lot.

I told him recently I wanted him to spend time praying that God would reveal to him ways to love me as a woman. It’s not because he was a total failure at it, it’s because I needed to be loved in a certain way and who could possibly be better to show Vin than my heavenly father, who knows me deeper than anyone and loves me deeper than anyone.

Well, God was faithful. Vin’s words were like water to my dry “confidence”.

When we seek God, when we ask Him in faith He is faithful.

He is so faithful.

Ask Him for whatever it is you need (need and want are different and God knows the difference). I know He will be faithful.





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Our Ballerina.

Written on 12/23/2011

Cohen amazes me every day; The way she is growing and learning and molding into a young lady. This year she started Ballet and she absolutely loves every second of it. I love it for her. I’m so thankful for her in my life, and the fact that God chose me to be her Mommy. She shows me the love of Jesus like no one else. I know she is only 4 but this little girl is set apart. I see God working through her so often. I’m a proud Mom.

We recently had an open house at her Ballet and I was able to snap some pictures of her in action! She’s lucky to do ballet with her little best bud, Ava. I know they are building super special memories together that will hopefully last a lifetime!

Normally we have to sit in a little waiting room and watch our cuties on a tiny TV screen, so this was pretty sweet and special to watch them dance up close an personal!




And the winner is….

Written on 12/22/2011

Send me your address so I can mail you the goods!!


So excited for you, Melissa! Thanks for being such a faithful reader and awesome person!

Merry Christmas!

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It’s coming!

Written on 12/21/2011

Sorry for the delay in choosing my Giveaway winner! I promise, it will be announced by the end of the day!!



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