Pacific to the North to the West.

Written on 10/02/2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. That time when my husband looks at me one day and just knows……. It’s time for a mommy-vacay. My partner in crime and I pack up once a year and hit the road (sometimes if we’re super lucky we hit the airplane) and get our a$$’s outta Salem, and more importantly outta our houses!

This year was Seattle. I love this city. It has so much to offer two stay at home moms. There is a plethora of coffee shops and cute places to eat. There is great shopping. There is a ton of weird people to stare at and appreciate. The view from any hotel room is exceptional and it’s just a beautiful city. Jess and I love to walk around and see the sights. We love to find the perfect little cafe and sit and drink a beautifully handcrafted latte and munch on delicious fresh baked pastries. We’re pretty much a traveling match made in heaven. We just always have a great time no matter what!

So here’s a little snip-it of our weekend away. It always goes by too fast, but I know we both agree that we usually can’t get back to our sweet families fast enough :-)

Home is where the heart is.


Starting the weekend antique shopping.

The view from our room

Our Seattle attire.

Doing some “wish” shopping. And drooling.

Having coffee for the 3rd time probably. It’s Seattle. It’s what you do there.

Found my car doppelganger


More coffee….. (heart)

Just some Seattle-quirkiness for ya.

Our second time at this amazing bakery/cafe.

The best scone I have ever eaten. It really was.

More coffee.

Oh good! Butt pads! Just what I need. (weird)

Top Pot Doughnuts.

Makes sense the only word that got in the picture was “nuts”. That’s just how I roll.



Goodbye you beautiful city!

Until next time, Seattle.


Pray. Relax. Let go. And let God do the rest.

Written on 09/20/2012

I believe in  Jesus. I trust in Him and believe in my salvation through Him (1 Peter 2:24) He asks me to rest in Him (Matthew 11:28-30). He tells me not to spend a single moment worrying about anything (Matthew 6:34). He says He has a GOOD plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11).

Now why do I insist on waking up each morning and being in control? Especially when this method of living has proven to be filled with failure, disappointment, anxiety, stress, worry and everything else in that realm.

I’m exhausted by this.

Today I am praying for you, and for me that God will reveal himself in a way that truly grabs hold of our hearts. For He knows how tired we are and how much we need to rest in His love. God knows we can’t try to control everything a second longer. God knows we need Him and that is why He has given himself to us. All we need to do is believe Him. (Acts 16:30)

I encourage you to read those passages. If you are reading this post you can simply google each verse and you can see for yourselves the goodness in God’s words to us. God’s word is truth (John 17:17) and it brings peace to your life!

Lord help us.


A Tired Momma.



And just like that!

Written on 09/10/2012

Bam. She’s in kindergarten.

This morning has been well anticipated by all of us. Mostly me. I was determined to make this first day better than this one. Even though this was 2 years ago it has stuck like glue in my mind of one of my “worst mom moments”.

Despite the fact that we are in a tiny apartment and things are very crazy ’round here this morning felt so peaceful and wonderful. I woke up before the girls, headed straight to the coffee maker , opened the back-door to the smell of FRESH rain, listened to the birds sing, inhaled the last bit of Summer air and managed to steal about an hours worth of peace and quiet before we started our day. Next up was Cohen, then not far behind Isla. We ate breaky, got our hair curled, found the perfect outfit, put some blush on our cheeks and set off to kindergarten! Cohen was a champ as usual. She walked up to her cubby, hung her coat, went into her class, wrote her name and proceeded to draw an amazing picture of herself riding her bike WITHOUT training wheels. Yes. This happened yesterday!

Surprisingly I haven’t been super sad about this new chapter. School EVERY day seems a little daunting but I know with God’s strength and goodness I will be able to thrive in my new state of Mommyhood. I’ve been praying so much for God to just surround me with His peace and allow me to live every moment with thanks and joy. I want to be a happy, gracious, loving Mom to my girls and I know without the help of Jesus I am a BIG fat failure. I know what I am like when I try to handle being a mommy without Jesus and it’s pretty ugly. I’m learning in my old age that it truly doesn’t matter where you come from, what happens to you, what issues you have, etc. Jesus is there, through it all, waiting with His arms open wide to hold you and guide you. There’s such immense peace when you trust Jesus to guide your life.

So here’s to tomorrow!!


Hugs from lil sis.

The little toilets make me giggle. And I kinda wish I had one in my house. #5feettall

And after I picked her up she had a big yummy bagel and cream cheese waiting for her!

I’m so proud of you, Cohen! You’re my pride and joy!





Here I go.

Written on 08/23/2012

Vin says to me, abiyt (that should say “about” but I went ahead and left it because it’s really ridiculous and funny) a million months ago… “I really wish you would keep up on your blog.” and I was like. “Ummmm, ok Mr. Butt head. Maybe you should keep up on YOUR blog!”

But he’s right. Besides the fact that I am a WAY better blogger (I kid, but not really cause I am) I don’t want to give up on something that I have continued to do and love for so many years. Not to mention it’s totally documenting my life, my family’s life and our lives together.

Sometimes I have a whole topic I want to blog about and I try and remember it until the end of the day when I can sit without kids and let my thoughts flow, but…. by that time I have one thought going through my head. Like a single picture and it’s of me sitting on my bum, on the couch with some kind of junk food and a glass of wine. That’s all.

We’re in a strange transition in life. We live in an itty bitty apartment. When we first moved in I was all, “CUTE! This will be good for us!” and now I am all, “” and I say lots of cuss words in my head all day long. BUT it’s so temporary. And it’s kinda funny. And my girls sleep in the same bed and stay up until like 11 pm because they’re so distracted. And I vacuum every two seconds because I feel like bugs are covering every orifice surrounding me. It is a very nice apartment. Newer. And Vin and I actually lived in them for a while before kids. Nostalgic city. I was like 20 lbs thinner then but whatever. We’re alive and we don’t have to be here all the time. We’re blessed to have a roof over our heads. Even if it makes my head feel itchy because I can’t stop thinking about bugs.

So I will try to write a little about what has been going on up in here. We’re on the hunt for a house. We found one (I will call it the illahe house) and made an offer that was accepted which in turn prompted us to put our house up for sale, which it sold less than a week after that. We started thinking and praying a lot about the house we made our offer on and began to have doubts. We kinda shrugged them off and proceeded. Then we just kept running into setbacks. The guy buying our house was having a few setbacks which was pushing our closing date back. We needed to close before Vin ended his position at the company he worked for in Portland. When we originally got approved for the new house, we had two incomes, well since Vin was leaving the company to work for himself full time it created a problem with our debt to income ratio (they wouldn’t approve us for two mortgages with his change of employment so we had to wait until our house closed). SO, basically they said to us once our home closed we could re-submit our offer on the illahe house and proceed from there. In the meantime they put the illahe house back on the market. This was a little devastating as we were worried we would lose the illahe house if someone else came along and made an offer. Well, our house closed and illahe did not get any other offers. At this point we decided we weren’t closed to idea of renting an apartment for a while so we could REALLY be picky about the next house we buy. We didn’t want to have doubts. We wanted a bigger backyard. We wanted privacy, we wanted a bigger lot size, we wanted to be closer to store and to friends. All legit things! We were a bit twitterpated by the price we were going to get this amazing house for that we ignored the important things we knew we wanted in a home. So here we are! We did not re submit our offer and the illahe house still sits on the market waiting for it’s perfect buyer. Meanwhile a little crazy fairy planted itself on our shoulders and convinced us we want to buy an OLD house, I’m talking original shag carpet and wood paneling kinda old, and totally remodel it. We don’t want a cookie cutter house. We don’t want every second neighbor to have the exact same house as us. I think I would eventually have a serious identity crisis. I want to paint my front door mint green and have black and white striped awnings on my windows and not be the super weird and ugly house on the block with a post it notice from the HOA. And I kinda want to be in a bikini in my backyard without 5 houses watching me while either barfing or laughing hysterically at me. Catch my drift?

Anyway…. Vin and I both have admitted we have a serious addiction to looking at Zillow and the MLS. He says he can’t even get work done and my eyeballs haven’t stopped twitching since we were on the hunt. BUT alas we found ONE property that we made an offer on yesterday. It should be a few days until we hear back but until then we’re walking on egg shells. I know ultimately God will lead us exactly where He wants us and for that reason I have let go of my worry and stress and I am actually enjoying the anticipation! So that’s where we are. For now.

We’d love prayers as we enter into this new phase in life. Things are going well and I know as soon as the little red guy with a pitch fork and pointy tail notices, he starts trying to disrupt what is peaceful.


Kesha Thomas.

Ps. I apologize for the excessive commas. I kinda have issues with that.

Here’s some eye candy for you.



My brother and I like to photograph weddings together. He books them and I help assist him! It’s a lovely set up. Wedding days are my excuse to eat a big ol bagel with cream cheese and a mocha with whip cream and melted butter. Not really melted butter but that would be good.

This past wedding we did, the bride took 5 hours to get ready. And yes. We were there for every.single.hour.snapping pictures.

Reason #1008 I don’t do weddings. I don’t do flash. It’s scary and complicated and I couldn’t justify calling myself a real wedding photographer and charge a normal amount of money if I couldn’t even use off camera flash! If my brother weren’t a total flash genius, NONE of the reception pictures would have turned out and we would have had a very angry and scary bride and groom coming after us and our mudder and fadder and children. And that would have been major poo poo!

Here’s the wedding site. It was gorgy. I could frolic around old barns snapping pictures of them all day long. I heart them.

This was there too. I hugged it, and kissed it. And whispered sweet nothings to it.

And this was pink. And I wanted to call Vin so we could move into it and call it our home.

This is my Mom. She’s ridiculously gorgeous and amazing.

Smee. In the sun.

Here’s my middle school and high school friend. I like to text her the word Biotch and we like to spell people’s names weird. And we laugh a lot. Oh and her name is Amber. Ahmbur.

Oh I love the beach.

and snuggles from her. As long as I am not trying to eat or something. Then it’s totally cool.

Yep. All mine!

and her hair makes me want to rip my eyeballs out and smash them against a window. So dang cute.

Walmart shoes. $5

And that’s it kids!







A door closed.

Written on 08/07/2012

Today was the last day we walked through these doors. We lived in this lovely little house for 3 years. Isla was 3 months old. We made some wonderful memories there. We grew a lot, learned a lot, cried a lot, welcomed lots of people into it, fed lots of people and mostly just grew stronger as a family in this home. It’s hard to say goodbye but I am excited for what our future holds! We’ve made some pretty tough and serious decisions these past few weeks and with lots of prayer and consideration decided to back out of the home we originally made our offer on, that was accepted, that prompted us to put our house on the market, which sold 6 days later, to the person who also made an offer on the house we did and theirs was rejected…. phew. So, in all honesty we felt as though this turn of events and  also all the set backs we kept running into with the new house lead us to praying and believing that God was guiding us somewhere else. We are moving to Hawaii.


Just kidding. We are going to take our time, pray a lot, enjoy the Summer and wait on the house that we KNOW is perfect for us to grow old in.

So here I sit in my cute little apartment. Yes. We rented an apartment. My puppy is sprawled out on the floor fast asleep, my girls are snuggled up in ONE bed fast asleep, and my husband, who is probably waiting for me to hurry by badonkadonk to bed so we can snuggle and fall fast asleep. We’re together and we’re cozy and we’re happy and content.

So this is where we are now. I’ll keep the world posted on our future progressing!


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Isla Reese turns 3!

Written on 07/06/2012

Today is my sweet youngest baby girl’s 3rd birthday! I’m completely in shock that it’s already been 3 years since I laid eyes on my feisty little girl. She was stubborn the second she came out of the womb and life has only gotten sweeter since!

There’s something so special about Isla. She has these curls that can stop traffic. She has these crisp clear hazel eye’s that melt your soul. I’m so madly in love with her spunky personality and I can’t resist her sweetness! She’s my snuggle monster and my little best bud. She loves to be at my side wherever we go. She loves to dance, sing and give kisses. She can hold a baby doll on her hip like no one’s biz.

She’s amazing.

I’m sad today as I look through her baby pictures (and a bit overwhelmed considering I have about 20,000 of them) and it’s strange to think my days of having another baby are over. I’m so fulfilled by my two blessings but I imagine each year as they grow older will be a little hard on me!

This morning was warm and sunny. A perk to having a baby in July! Isla wasted NO time and changed promptly from her PJ’s to her swimsuit. She had a waffle piled high with whip cream and sprinkles and then enjoyed a fruity popsicle and some pool time fun with her BFF and big sister Cohen.

I’ve been listening to giggles, screams, talking, singing and pure goodness all morning and I am so thankful this is my life everyday.

We leave for a long trip tomorrow to visit family so today I will shrug off the stress and soak in my angel’s birthday!

I love you, miss Poo! You’re my precious angel!

My birthday girl this morning

“Isla, show mommy your big beautiful eyes!”


Loves of my life and best buds!

Cohen giving her sister some birthday love

Here’s a little blast from the past….

That hair. Amazing!

Happy Birthday precious girl! I love you more than salt!




Up in here.

Written on 06/23/2012

It’s rainy as shiz here today. And yesterday and tomorrow and the next day. So yeah. What do I do to cope? Bake.

Here are a few recipes I have tried out lately. Biscuits on crack,  2 ingredient Raspberry Jam, The devil in pasty form.

Let’s see. What else? Oh yes. It’s supposed to be Summer. I managed to get a nice sun burn a couple days ago, so at least I have SOMETHING to remind me of sunshine. We cancelled our family trip to Hawaii in August because we will be moving into a house double the size with quadruple the rooms and we’ll need a few “not so pretty kitties” aka dollars (that’s for you babe) saved up for some new furniture and the like. This is both severely depressing and super exciting all wrapped up in one emotion.

Cohen started Swim lessons last week. I was a proud Mom watching her take jumps and dunks into the water like no one’s business! She LOVES the water! It’s so fun to see her get involved in activities she loves. Isla kinda stood and watched from the sidelines. I think I will give her another year before I get her signed up for any extra curricular activities.

My beautiful little swimmer!

For the past while I have been experiencing bad headaches/lightheadedness and dizzy spells. After a reluctant trip to my doctor and blood work I was referred to an ENT specialist. That appointment came and went. The doctors diagnosis: Perfectly healthy. WTF!? Chronic headaches, lightheadedness ALL DAY LONG and dizziness= perfectly healthy? He said he thinks my symptoms are a sign of severe stress. I didn’t need a specialist to tell me I am stressed.

Anyway…. not sure what my next step will be but until I find a doctor I actually like I think I will save my copay for a cute shirt and try yoga.

And maybe I will have more glasses of wine with fresh berries.

And read more amazing books by Joyce Meyer. Dang she’s good! This woman speaks some serious truth into your life. I probably couldn’t survive without her!


This picture makes me want to go “crazy-mom-screaming-squealing-leaping off furniture”.

Ok. Time to go not brush my teeth and or take a shower.

More coffee? Yes, please.


Father’s Day

Written on 06/18/2012

Yesterday we celebrated a nice Father’s Day with our main guy. Vin and I both lost our Dad’s the same year, so we really enjoy just spending the day as a family.

When I sit and think about the kind of father Vin is to our girls, I can’t help but get a little emotional. It’s so clear to me that God knew what an amazing earthly Father Vin would be to his girls.

From the moment we found out we were having daughter #1 and daughter #2, Vin was nothing less than ecstatic. The moment he held both his little girls for the first time I could see the deep and magnificent love he had for them.

I remember him holding my belly and softly talking and singing songs to his daughters before they came into this world. I remember the endless nights he gladly held them, fed them, changed them, and snuggled them back to sleep. I love seeing him brush their hair and paint their nails. I love seeing him make them meals, and give them baths. I love to see him hug them and kiss them and take them on dates. I love to see the adoration he has for them.

It’s so special, the love a father has for his daughter. Vin shows this so well. Our girls are so blessed to have such an amazing example of God’s love through Vin. He builds them up, he encourages them, he strengthens them, he teaches them, he loves them unconditionally, he prays with them, teaches them about Jesus and for those reasons I know they will grow up to be such strong, godly women.

He’s such an amazing Dad.

We love you!

Vin and Isla spend MANY nights and days like this in the beginning <3


Here’s me lately….

Written on 06/15/2012

Selling and buying a house is freaking exhausting!

And this split in the corner of my mouth wont heal. And every time I yawn (which is like every 2 seconds) it splits open again.


Someone made an offer on our house TODAY.





GOOD! Who sells there house for WHAT THEY ARE ASKING less than a week after putting it for sale!?

Um, thada be me!


Playing Catch up!

Written on 06/14/2012

Well, blog readers. I’ve totally failed you. I took a serious vacation from my blog and now I feel the regret setting in as I sit and think about the life events I have failed to document. I’m currently sitting with coffee watching the Today show (this never happens) while BOTH girls are actually sleeping in. My coffee is hot. HOT! (this never happens) and I am about to whip out my pad of paper and pen so I can begin a check list of what I need to blog about.

I don’t even know where to start!

Ok, so looks like my last blog was in March. Yikes. Nothing too eventful happend…. My Mom’s birthday came and went. She became a FBooker, which is totally cool (just like her). Cohen, however (I’m getting choked up thinking about this) turned….


Yep. Totes crying right now.

She’s 5. She’s 5. She’s FIVE.

She’s set apart. She’s not like the rest of the 5 year olds. She’s (I know I am her Mom but ANYONE that knows her will attest) she is SO SMART. She READS at a second grade level. For reals! She can be somewhat stubborn about it, but bribe her with a little candy and she’ll read the King James version old testament! She knows ALL 50 states BY SHAPE! I don’t even know them. For reals! She knows more shapes than I do. She can spot and recognize a pentagon like no one’s biz. Besides all those smarty pants qualities, she is just the sweetest girl I have even known. She will make a new friend walking past the treats dispenser at a grocery store. I just can’t believe she’s mine. I wake up every day and thank God for her. She truly makes me a better person.

Here are some pics I snapped with my iphone. I know. Shame on me but it’s MUCH easier than the Big ol’ camera.

My birthday girl sleeping on her way to the party. Turning 5 is exhausting!

She’s SO big!

Cutest sisters evah!

Co with Ava and Emma. Check them out, Here,  here and here…. You will be pretty amazed!

This picture just makes my heart FULL of warm golden fuzzies. My precious, beautiful Grandma watching her great grandkids play at their birthday party. This lovely woman has been to MANY of her kids, her grandkids and now her great-grandkids birthday parties. What a treasure! We’re blessed!

The pinata.


Hoping that video worked….

Ok so that was Co’s birthday. I’m going to post a gaziilion more pictures and caption them so you can follow right along up until the present time.

Grab a cup of coffee and have fun!

We celebtared Quinn’s birthday at El Gaucho. They can make a MEAN steak!!

Me and my hot date. (sigh. I miss my hair)

Isla, Just doin’ her thang.

Our curly puppy going for a ride in the car.

My goodwill score for Cohen. $2 Vans. This is totally blog worthy.

Gramma Lisa came for a little visit and we hit up our favorite breaky spot. OPH.

She’s getting bigger!

Raise your hand if your Starbucks is as big as your head! (this is what Oregonians do to keep sane through the rainy Winter/Spring)

Yep. Snow in March. This MIGHT even be April. I can’t even remember. It was cwazay!

Oh kay. I liked it. Even in March/April.

Snow, fluffy cuddly puppy and homemade playdough. We made the best of this day!

Someone didn’t get the Memo that we woke up to SNOW.

Warmed up after making snowmen and snow angels. These very well could have both been mine, but for the sake of normalcy we’ll just say they were for the girls.

You best believe I’m going to take a pic of these cuties in the snow! (My Hunter Boot tip, if you wear up to a woman’s size 8, you can buy these for half the price in the KIDS section! They run big!)

Cohen drew a picture of her and ashton getting married. I kinda barfed in my mouth when I saw it (in a good way) freaking cute, right?


Here’s another movie. Not sure if it’ll work.

Puppy’s first snow. It was as cute as it looks!

Of course.


Another video.

Heritage Fair Prep!

This is like a HUGE DEAL. I made these doughnuts from SCRATCH! Deep fried and ALL! They were ok. They looked awesome.

She’s had better doughnuts.

This is Penny when Dad doesn’t take her to work with him.

On my way to chop off my locks.

And it’s gone. I liked it for like 10 minutes and then (like usual when I cut my hair) was regretting my choice.

We celebrated Cohen’s b-day at school.

Then went for manicures! We all burned our fingers on those hot lamps that dry your nails. It was awesome.

Cohen got to see her recital gown! Instant Princess.

Taking a little rest at the park. (future married couples)

Good Morning!


Putting this litle lady to work. Helping me with the Heritage Fair!

A peek at my Spring Heritage Fair booth!

The booth.

The girls running the booth!

We get some gorgeous sunsets.

Penny and I having Coffee early in the mornin’.

There’s something VERY special about the morning sun shining through your window, a puppy sleeping in your living room, fresh cherry blossoms, a hot cup of coffee in your mug and your kids still sleeping.

Cohen’s nature walk field trip.

Typical :-)

We welcomed our new Dyson into the home.

Poor girl got spayed. This cone lasted all of 1 day out of 7.


Spring is gorgeous in the Valley!

Waiting for Cohen to finish Ballet


We had a date. That’s a big deal.

The girls and I like to sit in this empty house’s driveway and pretend we’re “home”.

Pure bliss.

This is real. They can’t get enough of each other.

Our teddy bear, getting bigger!

My short but sweet Lilac blooms! They were wonderful while they lasted!

She loves car rides.

More of Isla and her puppy. (These are all taken in the morning, which is why Cohen isn’t in them! She sleeps until 11!)

Ahhhh. A family trip to the beach!!

My Momma joined us for Mother’s day! I love when she comes along!

There’s something very special to my heart about family vacations to the beach. I love that my girls will grow up going to the same places I did as a little girl!

Ocean view, ocean air, morning sun, coffee…. what more could I ask for!?

That’s ice cream for breakfast if you were wondering!



Watching the sunset is one of our favorite things to do at the beach!

Best Mother’s Day ever! 2012


Brynn loved the beach, too!

I think you will just know from now on that pretty much no matter where we go, The Harvey’s aren’t far behind! #inseparable

Smores. Of course.

All dolled up for her dress rehearsal. I can’t believe how big my little Cohen is getting! And I can’t even stand how gorgeous she is!!

Thanks, Zenni Optical! I can see!

(just whacked myself in the forehead) I love my girl!

Morning Coffee date while Co is in school.

A new fun Park we discovered and LOVE!


Co’s last day of preschool. I was a blubbering mess. Please stop growing up SO FAST.

Her last field trip to Enchanted Forest. *tears

Doing the slide with Isla.

Recital Practice!

I couldn’t ask for more. I love having girls!

The whole fam-damily out to breakfast! I love these times.

Cohen with the full shabang of makeup! Recital day has come!

Penny at 6 months old.

Just being together.

More park fun.

Oh, Hi Livya! (Mike and Adrian are FINALLY parents :-)

Sewing again. Baby shoes=love.

Wonder what she’s been doing? Grrrrr.

Oh yeah. And that dream house that I loved. WE BOUGHT IT!

So, that’s kinda us lately in a nut shell.

We’re in the process of selling our current house and we’ll call this OUR HOME at the end of July.

Wow. God is good.

I’ll be back. Soon!



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