Dieting on the mind.

Written on 01/25/2010

I’ve been using an online website called Daily Burn. It gives me a structured eating plan to help me shed the baby weight. So far I have shed 9 lbs, and it’s the healthy way. Eating right and exercising. I have a total weight loss goal of 21 lbs, so I have 11 more to go until I get to my goal weight. I must admit, it’s difficult for me not to want to lose more weight. Society has created a standard of beauty for a woman, and unless you are 100 lbs you aren’t “beautiful”. This is so sad and so damaging to women and their self esteem. It makes it nearly impossible for me personally to love and accept the body God gave me. I’m curious what people truly think is more beautiful? Back in the day Marilyn Monroe was the poster child for a gorgeous, voluptuous woman. Nowadays it’s a curse to be “voluptuous”. Celebrities and models flood our magazines, televisions and movies with a new ideal. Skinny, and flawless.

What do you consider to be beautiful?



Written on 01/21/2010

I feel spoiled by two sunny days in a row! Today I had a taste of what Summer will bring, many walks to the park! We had a great day today. We went to Chuck E Cheese for Ashton’s birthday. Then the sun just kept shining so instead of begging Cohen to take her nap, I barged into her room and grabbed her out of bed before we missed out on the sun! We had some friends join us and I know it was so good for the kids to get some fresh air in their lungs. We are cooped up inside too often. It’s days like this that make SO anxious for Summer. Can’t wait!

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My beauty

Written on 01/19/2010

My little girl is growing up so fast. I can’t believe she is almost 3! We had some sunshine today so I took my little beauty outside for a photo shoot. It’s about time I had some pictures of Cohen! There is a picture of her looking over her shoulder, can you say Vin! Holy smokes she looks like her Dad sometimes! Usually when she’s being disobedient ;-)


I guess steak will have to wait

Written on 01/18/2010

We took the plunge and Isla had her first feast of Cheerios! She wasn’t quite sure what to think of them melting in her mouth and moving down into her throat. Her first reaction was to gag them up, then she realized she could chew them a bit with her toothless gums. I think she enjoyed herself apart from the gagging and all the drool she was covered in. But then again, sometimes I wonder if she enjoys being drenched in drool? She seems to enjoy spitting and making all those cool gargling sounds with all her extra drool. I think imagine it’s pretty fun.

On another note, we finally had some sunshine! Not much, but enough to help lift our spirits and open the windows! Vin took a little lunch break and walked Cohen to the Park. I absolutely love living so close to the park. What a life saver it is, and will be this Summer! Then they went on a little date to McDonalds. I’m glad he is setting the Standard now as to where Cohen will expect her dates to take her to eat.

I hope you enjoyed this break in the rain! I know The Thomas clan sure did!


Hard to understand.

Written on 01/15/2010

My heart is completely broken this morning watching the devastation in Haiti. It’s an unfathomable thing that has happened to them. Most of the people who are still buried under collapsed buildings will probably never be set free. There are children and babies who have no one left because their parents were killed. There are precious orphans that have had buildings collapse on them and they may or may not be alive and/or suffering as I write this.

I am watching The Today Show and this American girl who was there helping people learn to read survived but lost her leg. She said she doesn’t care she lost her leg, she is just happy she is alive.

Here I sit. In my beautiful home, with my hot coffee in hand. Sitting completely comfortable and untouched. My children are alive and perfectly healthy. My husband is working. I am alive.

Yet, I complain about….anything? Please Lord, I beg you to break my heart.

I am so selfish. Why do I want more in my life when I really need to give more? What could I possibly need to make my life any better? Absolutely nothing. I have Christ and I have abundantly more than I deserve. I would give anything to save those suffering children in Haiti, to bring them home to love them and comfort them, and give them a chance. I want to hold those babies who are all alone, slowly dying buried under rubble. I want to hold them in my arms and feed them a warm bottle, hold them in a warm blanket and kiss their cheeks.

Do you really understand what has happened in Haiti?  Let your eyes be open, and pray that it changes your heart.

Ps. I deleted my last post of birthday wants, it actually disgusted me to see myself wanting anything.


A dose of cuteness…

Written on 01/13/2010

I’ve been a little camera happy with Isla lately. I feel like I am neglecting pictures of Cohen! Isla is just growing and changing SO fast I have to snap pictures of her every day, otherwise she’ll be a baby in one pic and a teenager in the next! I know that’s exaggerating a bit but it sure feels like that though.

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Today I wish…

Written on 01/13/2010

Today I wish it was Summer.

I wish I had some spiced cider candle left to burn.

I wish I would stop taking swigs of orange juice

and pretending I don’t need to count the calories in my Daily Burn calorie log.

I wish I didn’t eat the gross chocolate chip waffle Cohen didn’t eat.

There was obviously a reason she didn’t eat it.

I wish I liked the rain.

I wish I would stop complaining.

I wish I realized complaining doesn’t make things better,

in fact I think it makes things worse….

I wish Cohen knew how to make coffee, do the dishes and change Isla’s diaper.

It would be nice if she could change every an occasional diaper blow out.

I wish Vin were home to be with us.

I wish I had two of me. That would be great!And a little bit creepy. And with my luck the “second me” would turn out skinnier, prettier and nicer. Not cool.

At least my girls are really REALLY cute though right?

Yep. That does help the situation.


Some pictures from Christmas and New Years

Written on 01/06/2010

I wanted to at least get some pictures logged from Christmas and the end of ’09. Enjoy!

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A blog above the rest.

Written on 01/02/2010

I finally uploaded ALL my pictures from the Holidays. I didn’t come here to blog about Christmas yet. I promise I will. I absolutely couldn’t pass up blogging these new pictures of my little baby bird Isla. Four words. She.Loves.To.EAT! Her little mouth doesn’t close once during the eating process. I wonder where she gets it?


A little upset that I walked away to get the camera.

IMG_3526Sees the spoon coming her way.


IMG_3516Trying to keep her cool…(insert slightly psychotic laugh here)



Watching where mom’s hands go very closely.


IMG_3522IMG_3514IMG_3513IMG_3512No, this is not a joke.

IMG_3511She is serious business.


Ok. And we’re done.


Just kidding! I know right!? (that’s for you Jess)


IMG_3507IMG_3515And I’m afraid the food has been devoured.


The “get me some more rice cereal” death look.

IMG_3531And just in case you didn’t notice her bow, our friend Natalie made it for her and I want to permanently attach it to her precious little head because I can’t get enough of it!

Natalie, hurry and get that shop up so I can buy more bows!


I’ve hit a wall.

Written on 12/28/2009

I find that each year after all the Christmas craziness I hit a massive wall. It has hit me harder this year than usual. We hosted Christmas at our house, which was great and I absolutely LOVED IT but it was tiring for sure. Now that I am back to reality I remember that I still have so much on my “to do” list that I feel like I will never get it accomplished. My motivation went from 110% down to…. -110%. Not to mention it’s my first Christmas without my Dad. I think that has been the hardest part of all. It’s difficult for me to talk about it, but deep down it hurts very, very much. Christmas just went on as usual for everyone else and I felt like I grieved alone. This was my Dad’s favorite holiday. He went all out. Our house was probably the most decorated house I have ever seen! My dad covered every square inch with Christmas decor. He loved to buy gifts for everyone on Christmas. He would dress up as Santa and deliver presents to poor children around Salem. His true heart came out during the Christmas season. He made it super fun and very special for my brother and Me. I’m sure it will get easier as time passes. Maybe not. For now I pray God revives me and I can get out of my rut soon. I hate feeling blue. There is too much joy to experience

In Him,



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