For the G-Rents

Written on 08/11/2010

Here’s a good chunk of pictures I took of the girls today! Enjoy!


Family Vacation

Written on 08/09/2010

We packed up and met some friends at the Beach for the weekend! The Hemsey’s and Winters’ joined us in a cozy little beach house Friday and Saturday. We had a blast. It’s not exactly vacation with 5 crazy/busy little girls (yes, we all have girls!) but it was great spending time together laughing, chatting, playing games, shopping and most importantly eating! The day before we left, as we were all getting ready to pack up the car Isla decided she could and wanted to stand up from a sitting position. It’s like she’s been holding out on us! She’s a pro at it. I’m sure this mean my little gorilla crawler (if you’ve seen her you know I’m not kidding) will soon be running around my house with her big sister! Video to come soon. It’s hard to catch it in time. As soon as Isla sees a camera her bum is glued to the ground.

So here are some pictures of our great weekend. Soon I will have my lens back and fixed, so I hope to get LOTS more pictures up on this blog! I’m dying without that thing!



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All for health.

Written on 07/31/2010

did someone die?


did I break a bone?


Bad hair day?

nope. (well kinda)

did your dog run away?

don’t have one.

well what then?

One day without sugar. That’s what. Hopefully I adjust a little better tomorrow.

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Summer days are full of more than rays.

Written on 07/24/2010

My good friend Jillian and I had a baby shower at my house this afternoon for our best bud Courtney. Her third little guy is due soon. Hudson will inevitably be welcomed into this world no later than Aug. 16th. My sweet friend has full placenta previa. A condition that places her at very high risk for bleeding and other complications. She can use prayers :-)

It was a beautiful shower. Since I was the host, I didn’t capture too many pictures. In fact, I think I was more concerned with the fact that I didn’t get a chance to shower before the shower (just noticed that) and well, yeah. It was a crazy mornin’.

So, when it ended, Co went down for a nap and Isla and I headed out into the backyard for some spesh time together. Have I mentioned how much I love my girls?

Tonight as I tucked my little peanut Cohen into bed, we were just snuggling and talking she says,

“Daddy is so brave.”

“What makes you say that sweetie?”

“Because He’s strong and He’s like Jesus. He saves me from scary bears.”

“Ohhh (silly me) yessss, yes he does, love.”

“He’s beautiful, and you’re so beautiful too, Mommy.”

“Thank you precious. You’re beautiful too.”


Pshhhhhh. Get outta here, right? Wow. That much cuteness and sweetness needs it’s own universe.

Here’s some pics of Isla. For the record. She adores her first official word. Ball. Yep. My daughter loves balls.

Miss pooMiss poo

Miss poo

Pretty sure she was telling me an intense story.

Miss pooMiss pooMiss pooMiss poo

Baby rat nest.

Miss poo

I think she looks like her Uncle Quinn in the picture. I probably wont tell her that when she’s older ;-)Juuust kidding brother.

Miss poo



Ya’d think.

Written on 07/20/2010

Ya’d think since I am a stay at home mommy, I would be on top of all the household duities. Hmmm…. Just a glimpse of what I have waiting for me as I sit here and pretend it’s not…

Laundry, wash and fold and put away.

dishes in the washer, dishes in the sink.

Garden needs water!!!!!

Isla’s diaper sitting in the living room…. Ewww.

Lots and I mean LOTS of food all over the kitchen floor.

Dead flowers in a vase on my counter.

Recycling waiting by the front door.

I should probably shower at some point.

And, yeah. You get the picture.

I think I will spend some more time in Lala Land. At least until I finish my coffee.


98 you say?

Written on 07/07/2010

It’s going to be 98 degrees in Salem today! Wowza! It’s going to be 81 at the beach. So the girls, my Momma and I are packing up and heading to the ocean for the day! I don’t know why but I’m so excited to be there for the day!

Here’s a few pics I took of Miss Reese and I on photo booth that I happen to really love… If my little Cohen would sit still long enough and let me, I’d have massive amounts of pictures of her as well, but unless I give her sugar, a picture is hard to come by!

Man, I love my little ladies.

Enjoy the heat!

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Happy 1st Birthday Isla Reese~

Written on 07/06/2010

My darling Isla,

The day you were born, I was changed. I couldn’t imagine another precious baby in my life other than Cohen. The moment I laid my eyes on your sweet perfect little face, my heart began to burst. Life was how it was supposed to me. You were different from your sis from day one. You were feisty, you were sensitive, you were sweet and completely attached to me from the moment we met.  I remember snuggling you for the first time in my hospital bed. As your Daddy lay sleeping across the room, we locked eyes and our bond was instant. We are so totally blessed to have you.

You came after 12 hours of beautiful labor. You came on your own time, and I enjoyed every moment I spent bringing you into this world. I promise to love you and care for you all the days of your life. I promise to protect you and give you everything you need to blossom. I promise to show you the love of Jesus and build you up in Christ. I promise to pray for you and be there for you no matter what. I love you with all my heart,

You are my little snookums, Buh-buh-baby, Boogie baby, Miss Poo.

And I love you madly.

Happy Birthday!


your Momma.

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Judge me not.

Written on 07/01/2010

It’s 8 am. Isla is chatting lightly in her crib and rolling her bottle across her crib bars like some kind of inmate. She seems happy, so I’ve decided to let her fall back to sleep- which she usually does for another hour or so. I wish I woke up every morning to sunshine and birds signing. I’ve always had to open my back door when I first wake up. I’ve done this as long as I can remember. Before I had a house with a back door it was windows. I feel like I am suffocating unless I get that burst of fresh morning air. And the sweet little birds singing aren’t the worst sound in the world.

I’ve found in my adult,mom,wife years this quiet morning time to myself is absolutely crucial. Not only for my mind but my heart as well. I feel as I mature I need more time to reflect on what is important about my day, and I need time to pray before I begin my day. I need coffee in silence and I need time to prepare for Barney and Friends.

I took a late trip to Wal Mart Super Center last night. I love/hate that place. I always feel like I’ve had poop dumped on me after I leave, but I feel like I have saved a lot of money in the process. As I was browsing mindlessly down EVERY single isle (is this something all woman do?) I came across the journals. I used to journal a lot. I always had a huge box filled with them. In fact, I began to journal when I was about 12 years old. I decided to buy myself a small little notebook. I want to start a prayer journal. I was hoping my readers would try this with me. I want to spend more time in prayer and I know if I don’t write those prayers down, my mind will very quickly forget and scatter my prayers. I always have so much going through my mind, I find it so much easier to dedicate time to strictly prayers on paper.

So, today I’m beginning my prayer journal about judging others. I’ve always felt conviction about this and I want to allow God to help me love more and judge MUCH less. Judgement isn’t always “Oh, look how ugly that person is” it’s basically any thought or statement regarding a person. That is why I feel this will be a challenge, because I don’t completely understand exactly how I judge people all the time. I want my assumptions to be words/thoughts of encouragement, prayers and love. I want to have genuine contentment in my life, so I never feel the need to judge someone else. And…. believe it or not….. I don’t want to be judged either. I know. It’s silly.

So here’s a challenge. When you feel those harsh judgements arise in your mind, and before you allow them to be spoken, pray that you don’t and pray for those words to leave your mind. Pray for yourself and pray for the person. Pray, pray, pray pray PRAY :-)

Alright, my little jail bird is not going back to dream land so this momma is going to make like a baby and get outta this mother.



And eventful day

Written on 06/29/2010

I’ve been eternally grateful for this Summer weather. We’ve been spending many of our days outside enjoying and soaking up the vitamin D. I can’t believe how fast my girls are growing up. Isla is a couple weeks from turning 1. It breaks my heart. I try not to let my mind think too much about the fact that she is most likely my last baby. I’m trying to hold on to her as much as possible! Her newest love for life includes drinking from a straw.

OMG. I know I’m not the only person other than her Dad who thinks she’s drop dead fred beautiful.

And then there is Cohen. Have I mentioned she is THREE! And she starts pre-school this Fall? And she knows ALL her colors, most shapes (including a semi-circle and scepter) can count to like a grillion and is pretty much a pre-teen already?


Oh, Jesus. I beg you to slow this whole thing down. I can’t keep up.

In other news, Vin TOTALLY surprised me yesterday on a date. I figured dinner and a movie. When we started heading South on I5 I began to get a bit confused. There isn’t much for move theaters in Jefferson. Albany came and went…. Eugene. Ahh finally! Let’s eat.

Or…. let’s go to see Kesha’s favorite singer/songwriter



First a latte and cookie.

At one point Vin and I were so close to Dave we could have pinched his bum.

But we decided it probably wouldn’t help us get our picture with him if we did…

Thanks to my lover for such a nice date. It reminded me of when it was just us, and the world. I’m so blessed to have my best friend as my husband.

Here’s an amazing song by Dave, you should probably listen and then buy his CD.


What does it look like?

Written on 06/25/2010

What does surrender look like? I think it probably looks different according to different people. For me, it’s letting go of anything I feel holds me back from experiencing the freedom and joy in Christ. Lately I have had a vision of myself at the feet of Jesus. Sobbing, kissing his feet, holding them tightly. Pure surrender and humility. I ache for His spirit to overcome my heart and my spirit. I ache for his joy and contentment in my life. I beg Him to give me beauty for ashes. I want to find all my purpose in Christ alone.

What is surrender to you? Have you felt the need to surrender, yet find it extremely difficult? Pray for me, and I will pray for you, that The Lord will open us and allow us to find His joy and surrender to Him.

Move all those distractions aside.




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