Written on 07/19/2011

If you can pronounce that correctly it’s a real emotion I am feeling right now. The clouds and rain after a whole weekend of rain. The extreme neediness of my kids. The constant cleaning up after my kids. The lack of desire to take a shower and look presentable.

And I literally just sighed out loud.

I love my life but days like this aren’t my favorite. I’m trying desperately to resist the loads of cookies, cakes and sweets my Mom bought while I was away. Not to mention my kids wont stop asking for sweets. Every time I walk into the kitchen I am faced with a moist delicious mini carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. It’s like having a little kid throwing a rock at my head every time I walk past him. You’d think not fitting into ANY of your pants would be enough motivation to choose the apple instead of the carrot cake but no. It’s all about instant gratification in my books.

Ok. It’s too cold to swim in our little pool. I am too tired to take a shower which rules out going anywhere in public. My kids are too loud and needy for me to get any kind of work done so that leaves….. wallowing in my self pitty.

Sounds like fun!

Hope your day is a little brighter than mine!


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Written on 07/18/2011

So. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably didn’t know that Vin and I traveled about 10 hours round trip to a town by the name of Ocean Shores, Washington to photograph a wedding together. I recruited my dear husband for the job of assisting me for this wedding I was hired to photograph a few months ago. I planned to have the talented Jess Harvey be my partner in crime but she had plans. It actually worked out better than it ever could have! Not only do I love being with my husband and think he’s pretty darn talented but he ROCKED the show as a photographer, and it just so happens he looks pretty cute snapping pictures of people. Ok now for the real reason I am blogging.

First off…. bless Ocean Shores heart. I know their economy crashed along with everyone else’s but seriously. Minus the fun wedding we were photographing, or course. Our first impression of this place was our Motel. Yes. That is right. Our 2 star Motel.


Yes. That is right. Real blood sucking bed bugs. Thank God we found the little demons after about an hour in the room. We proceeded to check out of the disgusting hell hole like any sane person would do and now we are currently fighting with Priceline AND Days Inn for our $200 back for the room we booked. Yep. They wont give us a refund. They want to keep our $200 for the 1 hour we spent (half of which was spent video taping the bugs for proof) in the room.


So…… Apart from this disaster we were faced with another. RAIN. It was pouring rain the day we arrived and the day of the wedding. The wedding was a completely outdoor event with no backup plan in case there was rain. Oh boy. You can just imagine the serious bald spots I have on my head from pulling my hair out.

After some prayers, the rained miraculously stopped. Literally just minutes before we needed to start photographing. Thank you Lord.

10 hours of driving+bed bugs+monsoon+ 14 hours of photographing= two pretty tired people.

We were glad to be home.

The wedding was a huge hit and the pictures came out perfect. So all in all it was better than it started out to be.

Plus, we got to hang out with these two goof balls. (This is for your Grandma and Grandpa)

Paula Approves.





A MUST buy Groupon!

Written on 07/14/2011

Ok. So I am sure all of my readers have heard of Groupon. If you are local or near Salem, Oregon you MUST buy today’s Groupon! Not only is Felicity Boutique an incredible place to buy adorable amazing boutique style clothes and accessories at amazing prices but my friend, Emily owns it and she’s a great woman! So, support local and in the least, check out Felicity Boutique!


(Click on the image)


The rest of July.

Written on 07/14/2011

July has been a crazy month! I think the older you get the busier you get. The weekend after our family was visiting and Isla’s birthday, Vin and I escaped to Seattle for the weekend to enjoy….ready for it?……

none other than,


We rocked out to the tunes of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. I was a little young to fully enjoy The New Kids On The Block, but Vin wasn’t. He knows every song by heart and (sorry honey, it’s just a fact) he knows every band member down to their birthday. I happen to find this really cute so it essence it makes our marriage better. Thanks New Kids.

Now… Backstreet Boys on the other hand, we have some history. I mean who didn’t blast “I want it that way” as loud as they could while driving with their best friend perfectly choreographing hand motions to each word? And who didn’t sit in their bed and cry huge crocodile tears to “I’ll never break your heart”?

So, it was pretty much a little dream come true to see the guys live. Even if they are in their late 40’s. They still got it goin on. (Right babe?)

Grabbing some candy and drinks before the show!

We’re getting really good at self-shots!

*insert angelic singing here* and I am pretty sure he’s pointing right at me….

(That’s Brian Littrell on the screen, who happens to be my fave BSB)

Rocking the show.

This was their finale. It was epic.

So, as you can see we thoroughly enjoyed NKOTBSB. After the concert we headed to our Hotel and finished the weekend in Seattle. It was so nice to spend time alone with my husband. I forget how much we don’t get to hang out. Our lives are so busy and with two kids it’s just simply chaos some days. Currently as I type this Cohen refuses to move away from leaning on one of my arms so that leaves me with one hand to type with, and Isla is creating a huge mess shredding up a piece of paper….. I don’t know how all you Mom’s blog so well on a regular basis. I’m thinking you lock yourselves into a room until the job is done.

So here we are. Marriage isn’t easy when you have a crazy busy life to tend to, but getting away and spending time together definitely helps!

I have my amazing Mom to thank for this. She never hesitates to stay with the girls while Vin and I enjoy some much needed time away together!



Ps. I am ending this abruptly because I really want my arm back.


Rewinding a little.

Written on 07/08/2011

So as I mentioned in the previous post, Vin’s sister and her family came for a few nights from Calgary, Canada. We’ve decided to take turns each Summer visiting. This was their Summer to load up and drive on down to Oregon. Luckily Justin, our brother in-law has family in Portland so they get to kill two birds with one stone when they make their visit here. We had such a blast with them. I love stuffing my house full of family! I love waking up to them every morning, hanging with them all day and laughing and relaxing with them in the evening. We enjoyed the lovely weather with some BBQ, a trip to the beach, some time in our backyard and Sarah and I even snuck off to the Woodburn outlets for some much needed (ok ok, not needed but kinda) shopping. It was a lovely and relaxed time with The Wisharts! It’s crazy to watch my two nieces grow up, too. They’re literally taller than me and I’m not too happy about the whole situation! They’re such beautiful little ladies and I’m sad they live so far but I hope as they get older I’ll get to steal them once in a while!

I know, right?

Our marinated veggie kabobs. I might be drooling a little…..

S’more masters!

The REAL S’more master.

Sweet Colleen.

Emily. She’s 20 11 now! I can’t believe it.

Sarah with her perfect marshmallow!

Isla’s “I’ve had one too many S’mores” look.

Mom. I’ll be up until midnight, I hope you know. (and she was)

Miss you guys! Can’t wait for next Summer!

We celebrated the 4th with some of Justin’s extended family in Portland. I love 4th of July. I love the togetherness and the patriotism. I did bring my camera but I was pretty busy keeping track of Cohen and Isla most of the evening I only snapped a few pictures.

You’ll notice I’m still into matching my girls outfits. If it’s anything other than a dress Cohen won’t have anything to do with it but at least she’s down with being twinsies with Isla still! I’m secretly hoping they’ll be cool with it for the rest of their childhood…. that’s not unreasonable, right?


 Cohen playing basketball = lots of crying.

Me and my little ladies! I love them.

And can’t forget the illegal fireworks! Wouldn’t be the 4th without them!

(Disclaimer, I had nothing to do with purchasing illegal fireworks, scouts honor!)

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Isla’s birthday!

Written on 07/07/2011

Well, it’s done! Isla is now an official 2 year old! We had such a beautiful little party for her at our house. The weather was incredible, we were surrounded by friends and family, all her little friends were here, the pools were out, the BBQ was cooking away and the best part, Vin’s sister and her family were here celebrating from Canada! We couldn’t have asked for a better birthday for her! I’m a proud Mommy. Isla is growing into such an amazing little girl!

Thank you everyone for making her day so special! Here are some pictures of Isla’s special day!


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Happy 2nd birthday to Isla.

Written on 07/06/2011

As I sit an write this post, it’s hard to hold tears back. My precious baby is 2. My youngest. My last baby. She’s 2. It’s tough to look through old pictures if her tiny newborn body and her tiny squishy face. I miss her smell and her warmth as a newborn. I adore this stage though. She’s becoming such a kid and she’s totally her own person. She’s proven that since the moment she was born. She makes my life complete and a bit over the edge at times :-) but I couldn’t do this life without her. She snuggles like no one’s business, screams like a dinosaur, cries the biggest crocodile tears you’ve ever seen and gives the BEST kisses in the world! She’s tender and sweet and I’m so thankful for Isla Reese. She is my little angel I don’t deserve.


Thank you, Lord for my precious girl. I’m honored to be her Mommy.

You can see some flash back posts here of when Isla was brand new!


The first day of Summer 2011!

Written on 06/22/2011

Well we finally got sunshine. I’m glad because if I didn’t wake up to sunshine on the first official day of Summer I had my bags packed ready to head south.

We started our day off with a trip to the gym and then proceeded to go to Target to find ourselves a pool! I have a serious problem at Target. No matter what I buy or how much time I spend in there I always end up spending WAY too much money. I think they need to just stop tempting me with all their cute hats, dresses, kids clothes and home decor. If they could just make things not cute (like a certain store that starts with a W and ends with a T) I could go in and grab the necessities and leave. So technically it’s not my fault that I spend too much money at Target. It’s Target’s fault.

Ok so back to our day. By the time we got home nap time was fast approaching. I had to fulfill my promise to fill the pool and let the girls take a little dip. They were in heaven. These girls could swim all day long if I let them, and if creepy bugs didn’t land in their pool. This is a bit of a problem because not only do my girls have a fear for creepy crawlers but mine is about 100 times worse. So when a big ol’ bug lands anywhere near them or in our pool we just have to pray it somehow finds its way out! I think I need to invest in one of those 6 foot long net cleaners people use to clean their in-ground pools.

After naps and after Vin got home from work we were back at it again, this time with some nice acoustic music. We ended our night with a nice warm fire and  roasted marshmallows. I’m REALLY looking forward to more of these warm summer nights. There isn’t much that makes me happier than sunshine. Thank you, Lord for this gift! We Oregonians sure don’t take our sunshine for granted!!




World’s Best Dad!

Written on 06/19/2011

Happy Father’s Day to an exceptional Dad, Vin Thomas! Thank you for being such a loving father to our daughter’s and an amazing example of God’s love to them.

They’re super lucky and so am I!



Your Girls.

Isla’s eating chocolate chip pancakes in your honor as you sleep in.

All I have to do is tell them it’s Father’s Day and this is the reaction I get!

You’re loved for sure!

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My poor, poor blog.

Written on 06/11/2011

I’m a little sad at the neglect my blog has taken lately. I’m not sure why it’s become so difficult for me to keep up on it. I think it’s just life and the way it’s been changing. Maybe it’s having two kids who are growing up and demanding more of my time. Either way I don’t want to lose this log I have of my life.

Today was a BUSY day, like most. And because it’s after 11pm and because I am now closer to 30 than I am 20 I will make it easy on myself and more pleasant for you by posting some pictures I have taken recently with my iphone.

I finally got to my garden. The sun decided to come out so I planted my sugar snap peas and heirloom tomatoes! I can’t wait to see how the turn out this year. Hopefully better than last!

Isla and I enjoyed some early morning sunshine the morning before we left for our vacation to Eagle Crest. We went from the 4th-9th and it was so nice to get away!

And we’re off to enjoy some family time!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor swimming pool. As you can see I was very busy getting a tan.

This was my favorite moment. Tyler and Jillian joined us the first few days and we took all 4 of our girls to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping. They turned a few heads.

Isla is my little Ham. I’ve got her trained to say “Chhhheeeeeesssse” as soon as she spots a camera pointed in her direction!

Isla was trying out some new headbands I am making to sell in my Etsy shop.

And here are the girls tonight at Church. They are so lucky to have each other. They are the sweetest sisters in the world. I’m such a lucky Mom!

Ok. There’s a boring blog for you. At least the pictures were good!



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