Another milestone.

Written on 09/05/2013

Well. Summer is over. Our relaxed carefree days in the sunshine are coming to an abrupt end. If I think about it too much it starts to make me a little depressed. Once the rain starts it doesn’t end. No more swimming pools, popsicles, sprinklers, warm evening walks to the park, trips to the dog park, saturday markets, BBQ’s, and freedom. The dog days are over.

My baby is a officially a 1st grader. She started school yesterday. I’d love to sit here and say that it was rainbows and unicorns with cupcakes and sprinkles coming out their butts but it wasn’t. There were tears, LOTS of tears, screams (demon like), heartbreak, sadness, and a lot of anxiety. Cohen was scared. It was a new school, new people, new everything. She went from a small class of 16 at her kindergarten to a massive class of 29. ¬†Luckily, she had the familiar face of a little neighbor friend in her class but the emotions took over and nothing was going to make that girl stay in her new class. After some love from us, her principal, and the school counselor she went into her class and at the end of the day told me, “it was so much fun!” Oh. Thank. GOD! Those words were healing to my broken mommy heart! I cried all morning. I shopped for stuff I didn’t need. I ate everything sweet in sight. I drank about 50 cups of coffee. I wore sunglasses in the store because my eye’s were like hot tamales. I missed my girl SO MUCH. I couldn’t wait to scoop her up and kiss her little button nose!

Our reunion was great and she told me she “will stay in her class tomorrow instead of freaking out”. I calmly obliged.

This morning went perfectly. She walked in and acted like she had been going for weeks. Cohen is such a confident, independent girl. To see her feel so helpless and sad was one of the worst feelings I could have felt as a mom. All I can do is thank God today was 100% better! NOW I can relax and know she’s actually having fun, like she should.

Here are some first day of school pictures of my little angel girl!















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    September 10th, 2013 at 3:41 am

    your girls are precious! my sister went to that same elementary and it was fabulous for her!

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