Tis the season!

Written on 11/21/2012

Ok friends! I know more of you are craftier than you let on so I am going to share some fabulous gift making ideas for you! I’ll probably be at the mall buying up gift cards and already made gifts but I’ve proven myself in the “make-a-gift” section in life, now it’s your turn! It’s fun, rewarding, creative and best of all…. anyone can make their own beautiful and unique gifts.

When you make a gift for someone you want it to be nice. It can be borderline “preschool” when you just whip up a handmade gift. You need to think outside the box. You need to think of things YOU would actually buy!

When I think of these things I come up with a few ideas…





Ok, let’s start with these things.

Cosmetics. I know. You’re all like “WTF!?” but seriously! Make someone their own delicious hand lotion! Check out this easy and adorable lotion recipe I found

You could also make someone a delicious salt or sugar scrub. In case you missed my post last year…. here’s another fun easy recipe. I LOVE salt and sugar scrubs. And they make amazing gifts!

Candles. Again. So easy and who doesn’t love a stinking candle!? There are so many places to buy the materials needed. Just google what you are looking for. Etsy is a great place for supplies as well!

A cozy yummy scarf to survive winter in Oregon. This makes as much sense as drinking a bottle of wine and two Twix bars after a long hard day with your kids. In other words, it’s genius!

Now this does require some sewing skills. If this just gave you a mini heart attack this one is WAY cute and sewing machine FREE!

Now. Jewelry. This could go really well or really bad. Bad as in you could lose a friend so choose this option wisely. This one is probably no-fail. But don’t hold me to that. And you probably don’t want to make every girl in the church choir one or you might want to start screaming profanities and stabbing people’s eyeballs out. (It looks pretty detailed and time consuming).

So if you have as little patience as me…. this might be better.

So there’s a few things to start with. If all this handmade is making you throw up a little in your mouth, just shop handmade and call it a day!





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