Here I go.

Written on 08/23/2012

Vin says to me, abiyt (that should say “about” but I went ahead and left it because it’s really ridiculous and funny) a million months ago… “I really wish you would keep up on your blog.” and I was like. “Ummmm, ok Mr. Butt head. Maybe you should keep up on YOUR blog!”

But he’s right. Besides the fact that I am a WAY better blogger (I kid, but not really cause I am) I don’t want to give up on something that I have continued to do and love for so many years. Not to mention it’s totally documenting my life, my family’s life and our lives together.

Sometimes I have a whole topic I want to blog about and I try and remember it until the end of the day when I can sit without kids and let my thoughts flow, but…. by that time I have one thought going through my head. Like a single picture and it’s of me sitting on my bum, on the couch with some kind of junk food and a glass of wine. That’s all.

We’re in a strange transition in life. We live in an itty bitty apartment. When we first moved in I was all, “CUTE! This will be good for us!” and now I am all, “” and I say lots of cuss words in my head all day long. BUT it’s so temporary. And it’s kinda funny. And my girls sleep in the same bed and stay up until like 11 pm because they’re so distracted. And I vacuum every two seconds because I feel like bugs are covering every orifice surrounding me. It is a very nice apartment. Newer. And Vin and I actually lived in them for a while before kids. Nostalgic city. I was like 20 lbs thinner then but whatever. We’re alive and we don’t have to be here all the time. We’re blessed to have a roof over our heads. Even if it makes my head feel itchy because I can’t stop thinking about bugs.

So I will try to write a little about what has been going on up in here. We’re on the hunt for a house. We found one (I will call it the illahe house) and made an offer that was accepted which in turn prompted us to put our house up for sale, which it sold less than a week after that. We started thinking and praying a lot about the house we made our offer on and began to have doubts. We kinda shrugged them off and proceeded. Then we just kept running into setbacks. The guy buying our house was having a few setbacks which was pushing our closing date back. We needed to close before Vin ended his position at the company he worked for in Portland. When we originally got approved for the new house, we had two incomes, well since Vin was leaving the company to work for himself full time it created a problem with our debt to income ratio (they wouldn’t approve us for two mortgages with his change of employment so we had to wait until our house closed). SO, basically they said to us once our home closed we could re-submit our offer on the illahe house and proceed from there. In the meantime they put the illahe house back on the market. This was a little devastating as we were worried we would lose the illahe house if someone else came along and made an offer. Well, our house closed and illahe did not get any other offers. At this point we decided we weren’t closed to idea of renting an apartment for a while so we could REALLY be picky about the next house we buy. We didn’t want to have doubts. We wanted a bigger backyard. We wanted privacy, we wanted a bigger lot size, we wanted to be closer to store and to friends. All legit things! We were a bit twitterpated by the price we were going to get this amazing house for that we ignored the important things we knew we wanted in a home. So here we are! We did not re submit our offer and the illahe house still sits on the market waiting for it’s perfect buyer. Meanwhile a little crazy fairy planted itself on our shoulders and convinced us we want to buy an OLD house, I’m talking original shag carpet and wood paneling kinda old, and totally remodel it. We don’t want a cookie cutter house. We don’t want every second neighbor to have the exact same house as us. I think I would eventually have a serious identity crisis. I want to paint my front door mint green and have black and white striped awnings on my windows and not be the super weird and ugly house on the block with a post it notice from the HOA. And I kinda want to be in a bikini in my backyard without 5 houses watching me while either barfing or laughing hysterically at me. Catch my drift?

Anyway…. Vin and I both have admitted we have a serious addiction to looking at Zillow and the MLS. He says he can’t even get work done and my eyeballs haven’t stopped twitching since we were on the hunt. BUT alas we found ONE property that we made an offer on yesterday. It should be a few days until we hear back but until then we’re walking on egg shells. I know ultimately God will lead us exactly where He wants us and for that reason I have let go of my worry and stress and I am actually enjoying the anticipation! So that’s where we are. For now.

We’d love prayers as we enter into this new phase in life. Things are going well and I know as soon as the little red guy with a pitch fork and pointy tail notices, he starts trying to disrupt what is peaceful.


Kesha Thomas.

Ps. I apologize for the excessive commas. I kinda have issues with that.

Here’s some eye candy for you.



My brother and I like to photograph weddings together. He books them and I help assist him! It’s a lovely set up. Wedding days are my excuse to eat a big ol bagel with cream cheese and a mocha with whip cream and melted butter. Not really melted butter but that would be good.

This past wedding we did, the bride took 5 hours to get ready. And yes. We were there for every.single.hour.snapping pictures.

Reason #1008 I don’t do weddings. I don’t do flash. It’s scary and complicated and I couldn’t justify calling myself a real wedding photographer and charge a normal amount of money if I couldn’t even use off camera flash! If my brother weren’t a total flash genius, NONE of the reception pictures would have turned out and we would have had a very angry and scary bride and groom coming after us and our mudder and fadder and children. And that would have been major poo poo!

Here’s the wedding site. It was gorgy. I could frolic around old barns snapping pictures of them all day long. I heart them.

This was there too. I hugged it, and kissed it. And whispered sweet nothings to it.

And this was pink. And I wanted to call Vin so we could move into it and call it our home.

This is my Mom. She’s ridiculously gorgeous and amazing.

Smee. In the sun.

Here’s my middle school and high school friend. I like to text her the word Biotch and we like to spell people’s names weird. And we laugh a lot. Oh and her name is Amber. Ahmbur.

Oh I love the beach.

and snuggles from her. As long as I am not trying to eat or something. Then it’s totally cool.

Yep. All mine!

and her hair makes me want to rip my eyeballs out and smash them against a window. So dang cute.

Walmart shoes. $5

And that’s it kids!






3 Responses to “Here I go.”

  1. Amy Says:

    August 23rd, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    I hear ya on the Cookie Cutter thing! I thought thats what I anted forever cause thier so"nice" but I dont want the same house on the block like everyone! I would LOVE to get an old ranch home and remodel it but thats so hard to find out here. We to have been in the house market for months now and have made 12 yes 12 offers. Thats how insane it is here! Were in limbo now with a short sale and are hoping to hear back from the bank in the next 3-6 weeks. UGH! Waiting is the pitt's!

  2. emma Says:

    August 23rd, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    sending prayers your way as you search for the perfect house!

  3. @nataliehemsley Says:

    September 5th, 2012 at 9:21 am

    Good luck! Me and Josh were the same way when we moved back to Cali and into an apartment/condo. Now we are in a house now but tiny and it is just not ours. I thought it was so great to downsize and all be so close together. Now I am just thinking this is so not for us, I want my big house back. It's hard with kids and especially if you are used to a bigger house. Anyways, good luck to you and your family. Im sure things will fall into place as they should. Prayers are with you guys.

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