Playing Catch up!

Written on 06/14/2012

Well, blog readers. I’ve totally failed you. I took a serious vacation from my blog and now I feel the regret setting in as I sit and think about the life events I have failed to document. I’m currently sitting with coffee watching the Today show (this never happens) while BOTH girls are actually sleeping in. My coffee is hot. HOT! (this never happens) and I am about to whip out my pad of paper and pen so I can begin a check list of what I need to blog about.

I don’t even know where to start!

Ok, so looks like my last blog was in March. Yikes. Nothing too eventful happend…. My Mom’s birthday came and went. She became a FBooker, which is totally cool (just like her). Cohen, however (I’m getting choked up thinking about this) turned….


Yep. Totes crying right now.

She’s 5. She’s 5. She’s FIVE.

She’s set apart. She’s not like the rest of the 5 year olds. She’s (I know I am her Mom but ANYONE that knows her will attest) she is SO SMART. She READS at a second grade level. For reals! She can be somewhat stubborn about it, but bribe her with a little candy and she’ll read the King James version old testament! She knows ALL 50 states BY SHAPE! I don’t even know them. For reals! She knows more shapes than I do. She can spot and recognize a pentagon like no one’s biz. Besides all those smarty pants qualities, she is just the sweetest girl I have even known. She will make a new friend walking past the treats dispenser at a grocery store. I just can’t believe she’s mine. I wake up every day and thank God for her. She truly makes me a better person.

Here are some pics I snapped with my iphone. I know. Shame on me but it’s MUCH easier than the Big ol’ camera.

My birthday girl sleeping on her way to the party. Turning 5 is exhausting!

She’s SO big!

Cutest sisters evah!

Co with Ava and Emma. Check them out, Here,  here and here…. You will be pretty amazed!

This picture just makes my heart FULL of warm golden fuzzies. My precious, beautiful Grandma watching her great grandkids play at their birthday party. This lovely woman has been to MANY of her kids, her grandkids and now her great-grandkids birthday parties. What a treasure! We’re blessed!

The pinata.


Hoping that video worked….

Ok so that was Co’s birthday. I’m going to post a gaziilion more pictures and caption them so you can follow right along up until the present time.

Grab a cup of coffee and have fun!

We celebtared Quinn’s birthday at El Gaucho. They can make a MEAN steak!!

Me and my hot date. (sigh. I miss my hair)

Isla, Just doin’ her thang.

Our curly puppy going for a ride in the car.

My goodwill score for Cohen. $2 Vans. This is totally blog worthy.

Gramma Lisa came for a little visit and we hit up our favorite breaky spot. OPH.

She’s getting bigger!

Raise your hand if your Starbucks is as big as your head! (this is what Oregonians do to keep sane through the rainy Winter/Spring)

Yep. Snow in March. This MIGHT even be April. I can’t even remember. It was cwazay!

Oh kay. I liked it. Even in March/April.

Snow, fluffy cuddly puppy and homemade playdough. We made the best of this day!

Someone didn’t get the Memo that we woke up to SNOW.

Warmed up after making snowmen and snow angels. These very well could have both been mine, but for the sake of normalcy we’ll just say they were for the girls.

You best believe I’m going to take a pic of these cuties in the snow! (My Hunter Boot tip, if you wear up to a woman’s size 8, you can buy these for half the price in the KIDS section! They run big!)

Cohen drew a picture of her and ashton getting married. I kinda barfed in my mouth when I saw it (in a good way) freaking cute, right?


Here’s another movie. Not sure if it’ll work.

Puppy’s first snow. It was as cute as it looks!

Of course.


Another video.

Heritage Fair Prep!

This is like a HUGE DEAL. I made these doughnuts from SCRATCH! Deep fried and ALL! They were ok. They looked awesome.

She’s had better doughnuts.

This is Penny when Dad doesn’t take her to work with him.

On my way to chop off my locks.

And it’s gone. I liked it for like 10 minutes and then (like usual when I cut my hair) was regretting my choice.

We celebrated Cohen’s b-day at school.

Then went for manicures! We all burned our fingers on those hot lamps that dry your nails. It was awesome.

Cohen got to see her recital gown! Instant Princess.

Taking a little rest at the park. (future married couples)

Good Morning!


Putting this litle lady to work. Helping me with the Heritage Fair!

A peek at my Spring Heritage Fair booth!

The booth.

The girls running the booth!

We get some gorgeous sunsets.

Penny and I having Coffee early in the mornin’.

There’s something VERY special about the morning sun shining through your window, a puppy sleeping in your living room, fresh cherry blossoms, a hot cup of coffee in your mug and your kids still sleeping.

Cohen’s nature walk field trip.

Typical :-)

We welcomed our new Dyson into the home.

Poor girl got spayed. This cone lasted all of 1 day out of 7.


Spring is gorgeous in the Valley!

Waiting for Cohen to finish Ballet


We had a date. That’s a big deal.

The girls and I like to sit in this empty house’s driveway and pretend we’re “home”.

Pure bliss.

This is real. They can’t get enough of each other.

Our teddy bear, getting bigger!

My short but sweet Lilac blooms! They were wonderful while they lasted!

She loves car rides.

More of Isla and her puppy. (These are all taken in the morning, which is why Cohen isn’t in them! She sleeps until 11!)

Ahhhh. A family trip to the beach!!

My Momma joined us for Mother’s day! I love when she comes along!

There’s something very special to my heart about family vacations to the beach. I love that my girls will grow up going to the same places I did as a little girl!

Ocean view, ocean air, morning sun, coffee…. what more could I ask for!?

That’s ice cream for breakfast if you were wondering!



Watching the sunset is one of our favorite things to do at the beach!

Best Mother’s Day ever! 2012


Brynn loved the beach, too!

I think you will just know from now on that pretty much no matter where we go, The Harvey’s aren’t far behind! #inseparable

Smores. Of course.

All dolled up for her dress rehearsal. I can’t believe how big my little Cohen is getting! And I can’t even stand how gorgeous she is!!

Thanks, Zenni Optical! I can see!

(just whacked myself in the forehead) I love my girl!

Morning Coffee date while Co is in school.

A new fun Park we discovered and LOVE!


Co’s last day of preschool. I was a blubbering mess. Please stop growing up SO FAST.

Her last field trip to Enchanted Forest. *tears

Doing the slide with Isla.

Recital Practice!

I couldn’t ask for more. I love having girls!

The whole fam-damily out to breakfast! I love these times.

Cohen with the full shabang of makeup! Recital day has come!

Penny at 6 months old.

Just being together.

More park fun.

Oh, Hi Livya! (Mike and Adrian are FINALLY parents :-)

Sewing again. Baby shoes=love.

Wonder what she’s been doing? Grrrrr.

Oh yeah. And that dream house that I loved. WE BOUGHT IT!

So, that’s kinda us lately in a nut shell.

We’re in the process of selling our current house and we’ll call this OUR HOME at the end of July.

Wow. God is good.

I’ll be back. Soon!


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