Um, it’s pretty much flooding.

Written on 01/19/2012

So yeah. If you already live in the Willamette Valley chances are you’ve noticed the little bit of rain we’ve had. About 4 inches or so in the past 24 hours. Our town is flooding. Literally. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Salem. Ror reals. (I left that typo because I thought is was seriously funny).

So I wont bore you with all my lavish complaints about the weather. If you know me, or read my blog enough you will know the relationship I have with rain. Not exactly a courtship.

Any way…. I wanted to share some fun craft ideas I think I want to try for Valentines Day. I dont hate this Holiday. It’s fun, cute, harmless, and another reason to eat bad.

This is just adorable. Here is where the tutorial is…

Next time you’re at Walmart or Lowes or whatever grab a bunch of paint samples and get working!

This is just scrumptious to me. I love making wreaths! They are very easy and you only need a few things to make one. JoAnn’s has everything you need. Here’s the tutorial for this…

Mmmmkay. You couldn’t pay me to make this thing but how cute is it? If you have an ounce of patience in you Go for it and make one for me too, k?

Here’s how to make it, and I will send you my address with you are ready to make one for me.

These are cute and simple! It takes very basic sewing skills too! Just buy some cute blank cards, Or cut and fold some paper. Cut out some little paper hearts and sew them to the paper. Easy peasy!

Have fun!


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