Grump fest.

Written on 01/16/2012

I am a major, major grump monster today. Scratch that. These past few days. I’m about to crawl out of my skin. I’m about to book a one way ticket to a tropical island. I’m about to throw, very violently, everything that looks unorganized in my house out of my upstairs window (just for dramatic effect). The sound of my girls fighting (which is currently what I am being serenaded to) is about 1 billion grazillion times worse than squeaky styrofoam and sharp pointy nails on a chalk board combined, and blasted through a blow horn right into my ears.

My back hurts today. My bladder hurts today (Yes. My bladder). My laundry is overflowing, Cohen’s room wont stay clean. EVER. I just dropped over $300 bucks at Costco and I can’t find anything to EAT. (WTF?) This “snow” on the ground just pisses me right off and well yeah.

Grump. Fest. Up. In. HERE.




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