Written on 07/19/2011

If you can pronounce that correctly it’s a real emotion I am feeling right now. The clouds and rain after a whole weekend of rain. The extreme neediness of my kids. The constant cleaning up after my kids. The lack of desire to take a shower and look presentable.

And I literally just sighed out loud.

I love my life but days like this aren’t my favorite. I’m trying desperately to resist the loads of cookies, cakes and sweets my Mom bought while I was away. Not to mention my kids wont stop asking for sweets. Every time I walk into the kitchen I am faced with a moist delicious mini carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. It’s like having a little kid throwing a rock at my head every time I walk past him. You’d think not fitting into ANY of your pants would be enough motivation to choose the apple instead of the carrot cake but no. It’s all about instant gratification in my books.

Ok. It’s too cold to swim in our little pool. I am too tired to take a shower which rules out going anywhere in public. My kids are too loud and needy for me to get any kind of work done so that leaves….. wallowing in my self pitty.

Sounds like fun!

Hope your day is a little brighter than mine!


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