Rewinding a little.

Written on 07/08/2011

So as I mentioned in the previous post, Vin’s sister and her family came for a few nights from Calgary, Canada. We’ve decided to take turns each Summer visiting. This was their Summer to load up and drive on down to Oregon. Luckily Justin, our brother in-law has family in Portland so they get to kill two birds with one stone when they make their visit here. We had such a blast with them. I love stuffing my house full of family! I love waking up to them every morning, hanging with them all day and laughing and relaxing with them in the evening. We enjoyed the lovely weather with some BBQ, a trip to the beach, some time in our backyard and Sarah and I even snuck off to the Woodburn outlets for some much needed (ok ok, not needed but kinda) shopping. It was a lovely and relaxed time with The Wisharts! It’s crazy to watch my two nieces grow up, too. They’re literally taller than me and I’m not too happy about the whole situation! They’re such beautiful little ladies and I’m sad they live so far but I hope as they get older I’ll get to steal them once in a while!

I know, right?

Our marinated veggie kabobs. I might be drooling a little…..

S’more masters!

The REAL S’more master.

Sweet Colleen.

Emily. She’s 20 11 now! I can’t believe it.

Sarah with her perfect marshmallow!

Isla’s “I’ve had one too many S’mores” look.

Mom. I’ll be up until midnight, I hope you know. (and she was)

Miss you guys! Can’t wait for next Summer!

We celebrated the 4th with some of Justin’s extended family in Portland. I love 4th of July. I love the togetherness and the patriotism. I did bring my camera but I was pretty busy keeping track of Cohen and Isla most of the evening I only snapped a few pictures.

You’ll notice I’m still into matching my girls outfits. If it’s anything other than a dress Cohen won’t have anything to do with it but at least she’s down with being twinsies with Isla still! I’m secretly hoping they’ll be cool with it for the rest of their childhood…. that’s not unreasonable, right?


 Cohen playing basketball = lots of crying.

Me and my little ladies! I love them.

And can’t forget the illegal fireworks! Wouldn’t be the 4th without them!

(Disclaimer, I had nothing to do with purchasing illegal fireworks, scouts honor!)

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  1. emma Says:

    July 8th, 2011 at 11:03 pm

    what a precious family… your girls are growing up so fast!

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