Tis the season.

Written on 12/08/2010

Wow. Life.Is.Busy.

Is Christmas season just madness for everyone? I think I woke up one morning and my brain just witched into “It’s the holiday season so that means I am going to be working overtime”. I’m pooped. But life is blessed. I truly have no reason to complain.

I’ve been sneaking in some Christmas shopping here and there. I hit up some black Friday shopping, ok I wimped out and went to one store at midnight (I know I am getting old) but I got some good deals. I think. I hope. Probably not.

Thanksgiving was a nice time with family as usual. We went to my Mom’s house for an early feast, which was wonderful. I think we started eating around 11:30am. Well, around 6pm our stomachs were starting to eat themselves so we drove around like those crazy families do on holidays and finally planted ourselves at Marie Calendars. I’m pretty sure the hospital had some extra thanksgiving food that they sent over to Marie’s (insert sarcasm here). I’ve decided I will make a Thanksgiving feast just for the sake of having the leftovers! For about a week Vin and I laid in bed together and talked about what we would be eating if we had Thanksgiving leftovers in our fridge.

We went and got out Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving! I love starting these types of traditions with the girls. They were running around screaming with joy when we brought it inside. Isla was enthralled by it! Cohen helped me decorate it. It’s a lovely little addition to our home. We went to a sweet local farm we had purchased a Groupon for. By the way, have you heard of Groupon yet? It’s amazing. I’ve purchased so many! I bought a manicure and pedicure for 17 bucks at a local salon that I love. I bought a gift card to Nordstrom Rack for $25 and it gives me $50 to spend in the store. I’ve purchased a few restaurant coupons. Any way. It’s a great way to save and boost the economy! Especially the local economy! Check it out.

I scheduled a “Holiday Mini Session” all day extravaganza on Sunday, December 5th. That went unbelievably well. I had 6 families come bundled and happy ready to get some new Christmas pictures taken. I’m still working on those! Quality takes time and when you are a full time mom first, it takes even more time! I find serious joy in editing pictures though. It’s an artistic release for me. My Dad was an amazing artist and he passed the love for art on to me. Most of my life I have painted, done drawings, created collages etc. I missed that in my life and now I have an outlet for it. I’ve decided I am a crazy nut-case when it comes to all my hobbies and passions. Is it normal to pursue so many and believe you can be successful at them while you’re trying to raise two little girls? Don’t answer that. I think I will just take each day as it comes and see for myself :-) I’ve learned in whatever you do, you can’t take it to serious. You need to have passion in what you love and put passion into what you do. Take Jesus serious and the rest will fall into place.

Cohen has her first school recital this Friday. She loves her school. She thrives in an environment with people and creativity. When I walk in to pick her up one or more of her teachers will present me with a story or something funny and outgoing she did that day. They boast about her personality and how smart she is. I can’t really describe how proud I am of her. I adore the girl she is. She’s such a light to this world. Thank you, Jesus.

So, I hope to find time to blog this season. I don’t like taking such long breaks from my blog! I want this to be something my girls can look back on and read throughout their lives!

I will end with some pictures. They’re of Isla and our vacuum. I didn’t feel like I needed to prove that she literally likes being chased by the vacuum or anything….

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    Those photos are really nice! Thank you for all the materials you've added here.

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    March 1st, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    That was really touching! I wish I could spend more time with my family too! You're so lucky!

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