We made it through!

Written on 09/14/2010

Well, Co did amazing. I was a basket case. I choked back tears while watching her enter into her classroom (Late. Yes. I know. I am the worst mom ever)  she walked right in and joined all the other cuties in their “head-shoulder’s-knee’s and toe’s” song. She was a champ. I was accepting the fact that we were late and then the sweet teacher lady came up and asked me if I had brought Cohen’s snack. SNACK!!!?? Oh my word. That did me in. Done. Tears everywhere.

So when I got home I held Isla as tight as I could for as long as she would let me. I paced around. I turned on the cartoon’s. This was out of habit I swear….. did the dishes. Walked around my house. Held Isla. Checked the clock a few/million times. You get the picture.

In a nut shell she had the time of her life followed by the longest nap in the world. Me? I had ummm, a lot of time on my hands. I’m sure I will learn to appreciate it sooner or later.

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