Ecclesiastes 7

Written on 12/17/2004

Ecclesiastes 7:13-14

Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked? 14When times are good be happy but when times are bad consider that God has made the one as well as the other.

Therefore man cannot discover anything about his future,

13: To truly consider what God has done is actually pretty difficult for our minds. We are so consumed in selfishness that to consider all of the things that God has done would bring us all on our knees. Solomon is asking us to consider; to think about what God has done.

“Who can straighten what he has made crooked?”

All I can think of is, Thank you Lord for making your ways unfixable, for I know your ways are the only way. This verse brought me comfort that no one can change what our God has done. Can you imagine if you were capable of changing the things that God has done for us? It’s a disastrous thought. Even in the hardest times in our lives, if we could go back and change them, make it so that they never happened we would be missing the glory that God himself brought us through them. Glory, we all want glory and I feel like the only way to receive it is through our times of pain and strife. What would we do with out Gods hope of Glory? We would have nothing to look forward to, nothing to have hope for. God is our hope, we wouldn’t be blessed with hope or glory if we could change how our lives have been, we would be filled with regret and pain and a never ending sense of “no closure” to the all the open doors. We would never see God because we would be changing each opportunity that he had to come into our lives.

I was getting into my car last night, after I had been in getting coffee and a thick fog had fallen all over Salem. I stood there my hot coffee awkwardly in my hand because it was hot and I forgot to grab a sleeve for it, my laptop bag heavy on my shoulder, my purse hanging on for dear life by my pinky finger and my hair sort of falling out of my clip and my nose was starting to run because of the cold air. In the midst of my chaos I stopped, closed my eyes opened them again, took a deep breath of cold foggy air and exhaled slowly. I looked long and hard through the fog. I felt the Lord tell me it was him being that fog, grabbing my attention away from the stress I had been feeling. He was telling my heart to be still, and to know he was God. It was so quiet like it had snowed. Not a soul was around me. It was truly a euphoric moment. So simple yet it was a blessing.

14: Praise God for this verse. I doubt there is one human in this whole world that wouldn’t be totally blessed by this verse. Its like it hits you in the face. We are not taught to be happy when times are bad, it is going against the flow of this world. We get angry and seek revenge, or we lose hope and give up, and most importantly we blame our God. We curse our loving God. Reject him. It’s as plain as it can be and its proof that we are selfish humans only wanting what is good, never thinking we possibly deserve something bad happening in our lives. He will get us through the hard times, he created all times to be an opportunity to bring praise and thanks to Him, therefore let us learn to see it that way. Praise God for all circumstances. Trust in him, and thank him and know his ways are Right.

The last part of this verse says something simple to me, that God doesn’t want us to know the future. Can’t argue with that. He made us and he wants to have our future be a beautiful surprise. He is the boss.

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