Written on 12/15/2004

Ecclesiastes 3:9

What does the worker gain from his toil? 10: I have seen the burden God has laid on men, 11: He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.12: I know there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do what is good while they live. 13: That everyone may eat and drink and find satisfaction in all his toil- this is the gift of God.14: I know that everything God does will endure forever, nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere him.

10: Such a comfort knowing that the wisest man that has and will ever walk the earth can see that we are burdened by many things in this life. Such another comfort knowing that the wisdom Solomom holds is the wisdom that God himself gave him.

11: Solomon tells us that God has made everything beautiful in HIS time. The word Beautiful by definition means-1 : having qualities of beauty : exciting aesthetic pleasure 2 : generally pleasing : EXCELLENT

Excellent! God has made everything capable of exciting aesthetic pleasure. This means me as well. I know that through out my life I have grown insecure and lack confidence of who I am, but this verse tells me that in Gods time, in my creators time, I will be beautiful and I believe he will not let me miss it when it happens. That brings me to Gods hope of glory (which I will talk about more) that he continues to consistently promise throughout his word. Praise you Lord for the hope of your glory!

12-13 Solomon knows that the desire for us to be happy, do good and enjoy life is a gift from God. Think about that for a minute…The desire to be happy, enjoy life, do good…are all gifts from God? A gift isn’t something we choose to get, it is given to us. God has given us all the gift to be happy enjoy life and to do good. God obviously created us to live an amazing life filled with happiness and pleasure in doing good. To me what stood out here is that doing good is a gift! That is proof that doing good will bring us pleasure in life. How amazing. Thank you Lord for happiness that is already engraved inside our souls as a gift from you, help us Lord to see it and accept and enjoy that gift.

14 I am meditating on this verse because it means so many different things to my heart. I see it relating to the things that God has done for me, the blessings he has given me, ultimately all that I am in him. Anything I allow my Lord to do with me or through me is by him and him alone. This verse reminds me that nothing will endure that I try and do alone without the Lord. Everything I do through the name of Jesus will endure. Now endure, that word makes perfect sense. It doesn’t say last, or stay or any other word that might be relevant. When I think of the word endure I picture a brave knight who fights a battle and he endures every chance of death and loss that comes his way and in the end survives and wins. He wins the battle, he endures the pain and trials. God will endure through us, he will enable us to endure because he endures forever. God wins forever.

God is and was and will be forever. God does not change he is all that could have ever been and all that is. What an amazing comfort to know that he will never change the things he does for us. He has done it and it is done. We have confidence in him because he is never changing. Gods choice is best, he needs not to add or take away because it is already exactly perfect how he made it to be. Let us allow his plan in our lives, that needs not added to or taken away. Let us be satisfied with his confident and perfect plan for us. Now he does this so that men will revere him, so that men will show devotion to his unfailing ways. Thank your Lord.

So as I read through this section in Ecclesiastes my heart has learned that there is understanding in the burden we all feel in life. And that when it says “the burden God has laid on men” I see that the burden could possibly be our inability to accept the gift of happiness from God, or the opportunity for us to do good, we live in misery because we reject the very natural gifts we have all been equipped with. Its like we have the choice to walk in darkness or light and we choose the darkness, and then we ask God why we are walking in darkness. We forget we have a God ready to shower mercy on us and change the dark into light. We are helpless and stupid without the God who created us. Plain as that.

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